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Price deferred! Review the renewal "CHILL OUT" with the contents up to 135%!

価格据え置き!内容量が135%にアップしたリニューアル「CHILL OUT」をレビュー!

People today are said to work too much.
Many people seek energy drinks to work harder, but it is also important to rest in order to work harder tomorrow.
The importance of "chill" in one's daily life is being reevaluated today, with " chilli" winning the grand prize in the "New Word of the Year 2021" competition.
The relaxation drink " Chill Out " developed by Endian LLC, which supports relaxation and performance, has become very popular, recording a 5.3-fold increase in sales over the previous year.
To further accelerate the "chill" boom, "CHILL OUT" has announced a renewal!
Starting on April 18, 2022 (Monday ), the new product will be available at the same price with a new packaging and a 135% increase in content!
Oh, is there another tired modern person here...?

The new "CHILL OUT"!

Hedco can't hide its weekend fatigue
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Hedoko is the head coach of a sports business in Minato Ward.
Since April, he has been busy with his disciples, but even he is getting tired...

Hedoco being offered a "chill-out" drink.
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Hedoko's apprentice says, "Good work! The new "Chill Out! "

Hedco "Chill" at his best.
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Hedco "Chill out! "Chill out!"

Hedco getting a "chill out" pour.
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Hedco "By the way, what's the new " chill out"? "Chill out!"
Hedco's apprentice: "Well, well, well. Every last drop! Gulp it down! "

Head coach feels uncomfortable with the pace of "chill out."
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Hedco "Tastes the same as ever. It's not too sweet and has a refreshing aftertaste, but the slight carbonation is addictive and nice..."
Hedco's apprentice "Here you go! "

Hedco looks at Chillout with suspicion.
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Hedco: "Isn't that a lot? "What a lot!"
Hedco's apprentice: "I'm surprised you noticed. The new Chillout has a new packaging and the content has been increased from 185ml to 250ml! And the price is still the same! "

New coach walking away
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Hedco's apprentice: "Well, why don't you chill out a bit and get back to work?"

Head Coach finds Zero Gravity.
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Hedco (Hey, there's another bottle of Zero Grav ity... and it has zero calories ! Let's have another bottle while he's gone!)

On sale Monday, April 18, 2022!

Two types of renewed "Chill Out
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The renewed " Chillout Relaxation Drink 250ml " and " Chillout Relaxation Drink Zero Gravity 250ml " will be available at Don Quijote and vending machines nationwide from April 18, 2022 (Monday)!

In addition to " GABA," which is expected to reduce stress and relax the brain, and " L-theanine, " which suppresses brain excitation, the drink contains four other ingredients, including " hemp seed extract " and " hop extract," to provide a better and more relaxing experience. Chillout supports better "chill.
No preservatives or coloring agents are used, and the flavors are developed using AI technology.

Product Name Chillout Relaxation Drink 250ml Chillout Relaxation Drink Zero Gravity 250ml
Content volume 250ml
Price (tax included) 205 yen
Type Carbonated beverage (slightly carbonated)
Fruit juice Less than 10 3% fruit juice
Nutrition Facts (per 100ml) Energy 40kcal
Protein 0.1g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 9.8g
Salt equivalent 0.008g
Energy 0kcal
Protein 0.1g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 1.3g (0g sugar)
Salt equivalent 0.011g
Ingredients Gaba (20mg/100ml)
L-Theanine (70mg/100ml)
Hemp seed extract
Hop extract

We have also launched " CHILL OUT Sleep Shot ", a functional food that improves the quality of sleep!

アンチエナドリ「CHILL OUT」からおやすみ前の新習慣「CHILL OUT スリープショット」が発表!

With the start of the new fiscal year, fatigue can build up especially during this time of year due to environmental changes.
Why not incorporate " Chill " into your daily life to improve the quality of your life?

For more information on "Chill OUT", please check the official CHILL OUT website and Twitter account.


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What is a relaxation drink... what? I drank the topic "CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY"!
What is a relaxation drink... what? I drank the topic "CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY"!...

When having collected, fatigue is "relaxation drink"! Topical "CHIRUAUTOZEROGURABITI" is reviewed by a commercial recently! What kind of fee

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