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Let's be cool even in hot summer! Review of "BODYGUARD" for the brothers of lifeguards!


With days with high temperatures exceeding 30°C (86°F), one can sense the arrival of summer.
However, in such sweltering heat, there is no time to feel the fresh summer air.
The sun is really beating down on us....

At times like this, we have no choice but to take the help of an ENERGY DRINK!
As I was thinking about this, an energy drink with a cool blue flame caught my eye.

This cool energy drink is actually " BODYGUARD "!
It is an energy drink, a sibling of Lifeguard, sold by Cheerio Corporation, which is well-known for its super-living beverage "Lifeguard"!
What will the new star "BODYGUARD" taste like in the age of energy drink warfare?
Let's check out the visual first!


The packaging shows Cheerio's attention to detail.

Camouflage package that stands out from the crowd!
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The camouflage-based packaging is reminiscent of a lifeguard.
If you hold it in your hand and look closely, you can see that the camouflage has a matte finish! The camouflage reflects the light in a slightly different way, which is very stylish.
And on the surface, there is a cool logo printed with a flame motif that doesn't look too hot!

The tabs are also specially designed!
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The tab is black, which matches the color of the can and is very stylish!
You can feel Cheerio's passion for making drinks, not skimping on the details....

Check the nutritional information on the energy drink

The nutritional information is written horizontally!
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When it comes to energy drinks, the nutritional ingredients in them are the most important thing!
This "BODYGUARD" contains the following ingredients (per 100 ml of product).

  • Energy 55kcal
  • Protein 0g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 13.4g
  • Salt equivalent 0g
  • Arginine 160mg
  • Caffeine 30mg

Oh, it has caffeine! This is an energy drink that will help keep my boiling brain sharp...!
Each bottle contains 500ml of this energy drink, so I'm sure I'll be able to absorb plenty of energy!
I'm getting excited for the review!

Let's drink it right away!

どきどきenergy drink確認タイム
Time to check your energy drink!
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The moment you pour the energy drink and check the color is also a fun moment, isn't it?
There are many energy drinks that delight the eye with their shocking colors, but I wonder what kind of brilliance "BODYGUARD" will show us...

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Wow, it's blue!

The color is twice as bright as I imagined! It is almost fluorescent blue.
I wondered why the color is like this when I looked at the official website ......, and the answer was perfectly described.

The liquid color is a clear and vivid shade that is typical of Cheerio, which will surprise you when you pour it into a glass. To differentiate it from LifeGuard, we adopted a ⻘ color that evokes a cool flame. Please enjoy the color along with the taste.


I see, so you have adopted the color blue to differentiate it from Lifeguard.
The sight of the strong neon blue overflowing from the black package was certainly shocking.

Logo and drinks are matching blue
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Now that we have finished checking the visuals, let's drink this "BODYGUARD"!
Bon appétit!
...... Sweet! This is the classic energy drink flavor!

Despite the sharp color, the taste is not habit-forming.
As soon as it hits the palate, a jangly, intense, gum-silo type aroma snatches at the nostrils.
The carbonation is not that strong, but it delivers a strong stimulation to the throat. The carbonation is good because it gives you the feeling of "I'm drinking an energy drink! It has a nice "I'm drinking an energy drink!
It is easier to drink than the original LifeGuard because the impact of the flavor is less intense.
However, even though they are siblings, the LifeGuard feeling is not that strong, so it would be better to think of them as separate products.

By the way, it is a really beautiful blue color. It is a refreshing blue that is perfect for this season.
With the tasty and cool looking "BODYGUARD", I think I can spend the hot summer in high spirits!

Let's stay cool with "BODYGUARD" during the languid summer!

Finish the drink! Thank you for the drink!
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This is my review of "BODYGUARD"!
This energy drink is now on sale at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide (excluding some stores )!
If you are interested, go to your nearest 7-Eleven!
For more information, please check the official Cheerio "BODYGUARD" product page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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