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For venture capitalists! I bought Canon's Satera MF8570Cdw laser multifunction printer, and I'm opening the package!

For venture capitalists! I bought Canon's Satera MF8570Cdw laser multifunction printer, and I'm opening the package!

We have installed a new printer due to the malfunction of our previous Ricoh printer.
Finding and installing printers by ourselves is one of the joys of this venture.
The printer we purchased is a Canon " Satera MF8570Cdw ".

  • The fact that it is a laser printer
  • Price per printed sheet
  • Ability to use manual feed printing
  • Quick start-up
  • Beauty of printed materials

The main reasons for our decision were We considered leasing or renting a general printer, but since we do not have many opportunities to print large quantities, we decided to purchase this printer, which is labeled "for small offices.

The packaging

Let's open the package.
It arrived in a cardboard box with Canon's bright red logo.

Satera MF8570Cdw段ボール
Satera MF8570Cdw cardboard
funglr Games
Opening the cardboard
funglr Games

The multifunction printer has many parts that open and close due to its multifunctional nature, so it is tightly taped and wrapped in a styrofoam cushioning material.


funglr Games

The following items are included

  • Various manuals (basic operation guide, easy installation guide, wireless LAN setting guide)
  • Power cable
  • LAN cable
  • Installation CD

Toner is built into the printer from the start, and it's great that it can be used right away after installing the driver!

Of special note is the built-in touch panel!

Equipped with a touch panel
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The touch panel is very responsive, and the division between physical buttons and touch panel controls is clear, so there is none of the "I want to set this function in detail, but I don't understand it because I keep going back and forth between the control buttons..." that is common with MFPs. There is no need to go back and forth between the operation buttons..." which is common in MFPs.

Each part opened

Opened state
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The manual feed cartridge and the flatbed cover for scanning (copying) are open.
Since the printer itself has a vertical structure and the flatbed cover opens wide, it would be better to have a large space above the printer when installing it.
That said, I don't think anyone would use it by squeezing it into a space on a shelf that small...


In addition to the convenience of being able to do everything from manual printing to scanning, faxing, and copying all in one machine, its compact width (430 mm) and depth (484 mm) make it easy to install anywhere and move it around depending on the application.
It has been about a month since we installed the machine, and the start-up speed, which had been a bottleneck, has been fine.

The touch panel is also very easy to use, and the ability to make detailed paper settings from the printer is a very nice feature!
We are not in an environment where we do a lot of printing every day, so the Satera MF8570Cdw, which starts up quickly and prints beautifully when needed, will be a good partner for us to help us improve our business efficiency.

Product Specifications
Printing method (color/monochrome) Color laser
Maximum document size (document stand) A4
Maximum copy size A4
Continuous copying speed (A4 diagonal) color/monochrome 20 sheets / 20 pages
Number of consecutive pages Max. 99 sheets
Paper feed capacity (including standard cassette + manual feed / max. paper feed OP) 250 + 50 sheets / 550 sheets
Double-sided output Possible
Weight (including toner cartridge) Approx. 31 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 430 x 484 x 479 mm
LCD screen 3.5-inch color 7-line UI (animation)
ADF (automatic document feeder) duplex/single-sided Yes (both sides)
Copying Yes (duplex)
Printer Yes (duplex)
Fax Yes
Scanner Yes
Networking Wired/Wireless


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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