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The origin and the vertex! Can the original "BLACKOUT DDT" save the game life of Minato-ku men! ?

原点にして頂点!オリジナルの「BLACKOUT DDT」は港区男子のゲームライフを救えるか!?

"BLACKOUT DDT THE SUPER" and "BLACKOUT GUARANA" in succession, the port city boys of the fungler were able to successfully complete their hard work tasks.
We have been testing the effects of energy drinks, and both the head coach and the Minato Ward boys were able to successfully increase their work efficiency (according to funglr Games).
After work was over, we thought the Minato Ward boys were going home, but they put away their Macbooks and started to take out their Windows PCs.
I have a feeling that something is about to happen. Let's sneak a look and observe in a dignified manner.

男は黒に染まれ!「BLACKOUT GUARANA(ガラナ)」は港区男子を染め上げられるのか!?

Minato Ward boys enjoying playing games after work

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

The port city boy who started taking out his Windows PC started playing games on his PC.
I see, since there are not many games that can be played on a Mac, he has prepared a Windows PC.
The expression on their faces as they face the game is seriousness itself. You can 't see such a serious face even at work.

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

Well, well, well. What's going on? Suddenly, you started to hold your head in your hands.
It seems that you couldn't play well. Vicroy is just a dream come true for you, isn't it?
I was wondering what to do...

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games


BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

Head Coach " Fightoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!! "
Minato Ward Boys" Gottttttttttt !!!! "
Do people who have done track and field become conditioned reflexively to accept a tubular object when it is offered to them?
A splendid baton relay was decided, and the "BLACKOUT DDT " was handed to a man from the port city halfway by force.

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

BLACKOUT DDT" is the same as "BLACKOUT DDT THE SUPER", "BLACKOUT GUARANA", "BLACKOUT DDT LOVELESS", etc. which have been introduced so far. BLACKOUT DDT" is the origin of the Don Quijote original energy drink "BLACKOUT DDT" series.
The poem on the label is also excellent.

The exhortation that comes from the earth
The gospel that pours down from the heavens
The intersecting thoughts now conquer chaos.
The evolution of the figure shakes the world.

Sharpen it!
Its energy will pierce the heavens

Believe in yourself and love yourself
True power will be born

Challenge your own limits
Armed you will surely experience it!


It' s insanity at its finest !
But since so many words are lined up on the label, you can expect great effects!

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

The port city boys pour a glass while trembling at the insane poem.

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

The "BLACKOUT DDT" is ready to be administered!
The color of the drink is a slightly darker golden color than "BLACKOUT DDT THE SUPER", which is characteristic of energy drinks.

  • Energy 248kcal
  • Protein 2g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 60g
  • Salt equivalent 1.0g
  • Niacin 5.3mg
  • Caffeine 165mg
  • Arginine 620mg
  • Aspartic acid 3.0mg
  • Alanine 3.3mg
  • Valine 14mg
  • Leucine 27mg
  • Isoleucine 17mg
  • Royal jelly 100mg

The caffeine is average at 33 mg per 100 ml.
Caffeine is average at 33 mg per 100 ml, but the ingredients such as valine, leucine , and royal jelly are included, so the total fighting power is high.

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

After two bottles of "BLACKOUT DDT THE SUPER" and "BLACKOUT GUARANA," the men of Minato Ward have no more hesitation.
He pours "BLACKOUT DDT" all at once!

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

Without paying attention to the head coach who is watching them with satisfaction, they put on the high-performance headset "JBL Quantum ONE".

BLACKOUT DDTfunglr Games

He picked up the MAD CATZ gamepad "C.A.T.7 " and returned to the world of gaming.
We tried to ask him what he thought of the taste, but his concentration on the "BLACKOUT DDT" was unbroken and our voices were not heard.
The results showed that "BLACKOUT DDT" can improve the dull gameplay of the men in the port city (according to funglr Games).

You can choose according to your taste and scene.


Don Quijote's original energy drink "BLACKOUT DDT" series has a variety of flavors to choose from, including limited-time-only ones in addition to the ones introduced here.
Available at Don Quijote stores nationwide, the 500ml large-capacity, high-cost energy drink is a must-try product for energy drinkers who consume energy drinks every day.
For more information on the current product lineup and ingredients, please check the "BLACKOUT DDT" product page on the official Don Quijote website!

And who will be dosed with what energy drink next? Please look forward to the next verification!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Enadori verification! Can Don Quixote's original enadori "BLACKOUT DDT THE SUPER" save engineers!?
Enadori verification! Can Don Quixote's original enadori "BLACKOUT DDT THE SUPER"...

BATCHIRI made up with a desk work thanks to ENADORI "KiiVA ENERGY DRINK" the other day, head coach. The Minato-ku boy this time was for an engineer fr

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