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Paripi's classic liqueur "Cocarello" collaborated with Resident Evil, so I drank it!


Cocarero", which in recent years has become a staple in the world of crispy drinks alongside tequila, has collaborated with Resident Evil!
Herbs are a staple recovery item in Resident Evil, and the herbal liqueur "Cocalero" is a perfect match!

We are very happy to announce that Idey Trading Co. Thank you very much! I will try it right away!


Cocarero Classico x Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Review

Cocarero Classico" x "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness" and Bomb Glass
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There are several types of Cocalero, but this collaboration is Cocalero Classico.
The label on the bottle is based on the design of the Cocarero Classico, but with the words "Resident Evil" engraved on it.
The zombified Uncle Cocarello under the logo is also a bit of a playful touch.
It would be interesting to display the regular bottle and the collaboration bottle side by side for comparison.

Also included are two plastic bomb glasses and a cocktail recipe book, making it easy for even first-time Cocarero drinkers to enjoy.

Cocalero Recipe Book
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I opened the recipe book and pondered what kind of drink I would like to try...

Cocarero and Red Bull
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First of all, I decided to take advantage of this glass and have a Coca Bomb.
For the energy drink, I will use Red Bull.

Pour Red Bull into a Bomb Glass
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First, pour Red Bull up to the neck of the glass.

Pour Cocarero into Bombe glass
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Next, pour in the Cocarero.

Toast with a Coca Bomb
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What a beautiful two-tone color!
That's what these glasses are nipped for!
We also received a glass glass this time as a comparison to the plastic glass that came with the product.
(I made a mistake and almost mixed them up, but please tolerate it...)
The plastic one is slightly smaller than the glass one.

So, now that we have finished pouring, let's toast!

I take it to my mouth in one go.
Even though it's only a small amount, it's a big hit.
Cocarero itself has a high alcohol content of 29%.
The combination of the Red Bull and the cocarello makes the drink milder, but...
The addition of alcohol to Red Bull makes the drink more intoxicating, and the tension is so high that even our dark-skinned editorial staff can quickly become a member of the Parisian crowd.
Do not drink it on an empty stomach.
Mixing green herb and red herb will increase the amount of recovery.
A very sensible way to drink!
The bomb glass that comes with the bottle is made of plastic, so you don't have to worry about it breaking if you get drunk and drop it, which is nice.

Cocarello and 5 types of split
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Now that we're getting excited, let's try another way to drink it.
We carefully selected from the included recipes and prepared five different kinds of splits this time.

  • Coca-Cola
  • Strongly carbonated water lemon made with natural water
  • Strongly Carbonated Water Plus made with natural water
  • Afternoon Tea Delicious Unsweetened
  • Calpis the Rich
pour one's heart and soul into something
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Pour the split into the glass containing the Cocarello.

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Stir lightly to prevent the carbonation from disappearing.

5 cocktails
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Whichever the splits you use, the overall color of the Cocarero will have a greenish tint.

Coca Libre (Cocarero + Coke)

The flavor of Cocarero is tempered by the cola, making it easy to drink without any peculiarities.
At the end, I felt a strong and unique herbal flavor.
Overall, the sweetness is strong and recommended for beginners.
*Since we were unable to prepare lime, we will skip it this time.

Cocarello + Lemon Soda

Although not in the recipe book, it is refreshing and easy to drink.
It is interesting to enjoy various patterns of flavor by mixing it with flavored soda water other than lemon.
The unsweetened version is more refreshing.

Coca high (Cocarello + soda)

Coca-Hai has a refreshing taste and is suitable as a food drink, just like a highball.
It is easy to drink and recommended for beginners.
It can also be served with a squeeze of lime for a drier drink.

Coca Tea (Cocarero + unsweetened black tea)
The slight sweetness of cocarello is just right and easy to drink.
The aroma of the black tea is also a nice accent and does not interfere.

Cocapis (Cocarello + Calpis)

The mild sweetness of the calpis seems to prevail at first.
But later on, I felt the slight bitterness of coca.
The alcohol taste is suppressed and the drink is pleasant to the palate, so be careful not to drink too much.

Ice Nuts.
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Although not listed in the recipe book, some of the recipes listed on the official website include ice cream berries.
As the ice cream berries melt, they gradually become sweeter and the flavor changes each time you drink it, so you will never get bored of it.
You can add your favorite flavors and enjoy a variety of tastes.
It is also interesting to mix multiple flavors.
Adding round ice cream nuts makes it visually pretty as well.

The quantity is limited, so don't delay!

Cocarello and snack


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The 375ml bottle and two plastic bomb glasses are priced at 3,278 yen (tax included).
Limited quantities of this collaboration with Resident Evil are available, so don't delay!
Summer is a season of openness in body and soul.
Don't let the heat get to you, drink a Cocarello and join the Parisians!
A limited campaign is also being held if you purchase on Amazon.co.jp until August 30, so don't miss out if you're interested!


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