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Seven sparkle! Gaming Tyrol chocolate "Big Tyrol "Rainbow BOX" that shines in rainbow color is released!


Gaming devices are characterized by their high specs and shiny features.
Not only colorful and shiny gaming devices such as PCs, keyboards, and mice, but also energy drinks, snacks, and even shiitake mushrooms have recently been labeled "gaming.
While on my way to work, I stopped by FamilyMart and found a " Big Tyrol (Rainbow Box )" of Tyrol Chocolates shining in seven different colors!
I thought this was a " gaming Tyrol Ch ocolate," so I immediately bought it! I'd like to introduce them to you!

An assortment box containing 7 flavors

Big Tyrol (Rainbow BOX)

The " Big Tyrol [Rainbow Box]" is an assortment box containing seven different flavors of Tyrol ch ocolates in a large Tyrol chocolate shaped box.
It is named "Rainbow" because it contains seven different flavors! I thought they were designed with gaming devices in mind!
No, if it's this colorful, you could say it's a gaming device! I want to call them "gaming chocolates"!

The flavors I'm interested in are...

Big Tyrol Rainbow Box
  • Kinako chocolate contains mochi gummy and you can enjoy the texture of mochi (rice cake). Mochi kinako (sticky kinako), which is like soybean flour rice cakes.
  • Mochi Gummi in Mochi Matcha Chocolate
  • Strawberry-flavored chocolate with strawberry jelly
  • Ume plum-colored chocolate covered with ume plum-flavored cream and two layers of ume plum-flavored jelly.
  • Mint chocolate with bitter chocolate cream
  • Fruity Banana " - marshmallow covered gently with banana flavored chocolate
  • Grape chocolate filled with popping candy, which bursts into your mouth when you put it in your mouth.

The seven types are rich in individuality, each containing two pieces of each, for a total of 14 pieces.
Mochitto Kinako" and "Mochitto Matcha" can be bought as "Kinako Mochi" and "Matcha Mochi," while "Pururun Strawberry," "Awkappu Ume" & "Mochitto Matcha" are available as "Mochitto Mochi. quot;Refreshing Mint," "Fruity Banana," and "Bursting Grape" are special flavors only available in the "Big Tyrol Rainbow Box.
I personally liked the " Amakubappu Ume " because of its strong plum flavor, but it's sad that there are only two in each box! I want more!
The " Hajikeru Grape " has a unique texture, and the popping candy inside bursts out when you bite into it.

Also recommended for Valentine's Day!

The "Big Tyrol Rainbow Box" will be available exclusively at FamilyMart stores nationwide from January 26, 2021 (Tuesday )! The price is 276 yen (excluding tax ).
In addition to the rainbow and flashy appearance, the seven unique flavors in the box make it a good gift or souvenir.
Especially from now on, it could (just barely) pass as a Valentine's Day gift, not to mention a friend's chocolate or a giri chocolate, or even as a true love's gift!
Quantities are limited and will run out as soon as they run out, so chances are they'll be gone before Valentine's Day! We recommend buying them while you can!
For product details, please check the official Tyrol Chocolate website!


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