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VoLTE Compatible "isai VL LGV31" Unboxing Ceremony & Review!

VoLTE Compatible

I bought the " isai VL LGV31 ", the most powerful VoLTE-enabled au handset!

I was looking for my next handset after my long-time favorite Galaxy Note 3 crashed.
The requirements for the next handset are as follows.

  • High spec
  • Screen size that can read e-books without difficulty
  • Dustproof and drip-proof
  • Mobile Suica compatible (with Felica)
  • VPN session available with tethering

After all that, I arrived at isai, and now it's time to open the package!

isai VL(イサイ ブイエル)LGV31
isai VL LGV31
funglr Games

The contents are just the main unit and the instruction manual. No charging device is included.

isai VL(イサイ ブイエル)LGV31 本体の薄さ
The thinness of isai VL LGV31
funglr Games

The thinness is as shown here.

isai VL(イサイ ブイエル)LGV31 比較
Comparison of isai VL LGV31
funglr Games

It is slightly larger than the now popular BlackBerry Classic.
The screen size of the isai VL LGV31 is 5.5 inches, while the screen size of the BlackBerry Classic is 3.5 inches.

isai VL(イサイ ブイエル)LGV31 ベゼルレス且つ大画面
isai VL LGV31 Bezel-less and Large Screen
funglr Games

The side bezels are thin, emphasizing the large screen.
It can be held by a woman's hand without difficulty.
The home button was a physical key on the GALAXY Note3, but the isai VL LGV31 has a software button. It was confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it is no problem.

Web browsing

isai VL(イサイ ブイエル)LGV31 快適な操作
isai VL (isai VL) LGV31 Comfortable operation
funglr Games

Operation is comfortable. There is almost no delay.
It follows the movement of the hand and feels like it moves gnarly.

Calling position

isai VL(イサイ ブイエル)LGV31 端末サイズ
isai VL (isai buil) LGV31 handset size
funglr Games

The handset size is large, but as shown here even for a woman. I can hold it without any problems.

Impressions & Review

About the battery

With the default settings, the battery drained very quickly, but after changing various settings, the battery lasted outstandingly long.
It lasts a full day of making a few calls, browsing the web, and using a comic book reader.
I know many people are concerned about battery drain, but it is not that much of a concern.
However, the battery is not removable, so be careful if you want to have a spare battery.

About settings

During the initial setup, I was puzzled because I could not turn off the home screen news no matter how I tried.
It seems that this is not a widget but a built-in specification called "isai screen".
It can be turned off by selecting [Settings] → [Display] → [Home Screen] → [isai Screen].

About VoLTE

I was expecting VoLTE-to-VoLTE conversation, but it is extremely clear! No noise at all.
However, calls with non-VoLTE devices are the same as before, so there may not be much benefit from the call quality... (I hope VoLTE will become more popular in the future).
VoLTE terminals do not use 3G lines, but I don't feel inconvenienced so far. This may be because I don't leave Tokyo.

In fact, one of the main reasons I chose VoLTE is that it allows data communication while on a call.
When I work on the road, there are many times when I need to tether to a VPN session with my company and access internal data while talking to the person in charge to check on progress.
Until now, I had a non-VoLTE device, so when I started a call, the data connection was cut off.
So I had to contract a separate Wi-Fi router, but now that I have an isai with VoLTE support, I can make calls while tethering. Now I only have one device to carry around: the isai!

The large screen makes it possible to read e-books without difficulty and eliminates the need for a tablet. It is dustproof and drip-proof, so it can be handled roughly, and with high-speed data communication, you can work while talking, so you don't even need a Wi-Fi router anymore.

This is the most powerful terminal isai VL LGV31.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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