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Almost twice as much as 144Hz! 280Hz refresh rate! Gaming IPS Monitor ASUS "TUF Gaming VG279QM" Fastest Review!

144Hzのほぼ2倍!280Hzリフレッシュレート!ゲーミングIPSモニターASUS「TUF Gaming VG279QM」最速レビュー!

TUF Gaming VG279QM, a 27-inch IPS LCD gaming monitor with Full HD resolution, 280Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time, will be released in Japan on April 1, 2012 by ASUS Japan's gaming series "TUF Gaming". The monitor will be available in Japan from April 24, 2012.

The VG279QM is equipped with "Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB SYNC™ )", a motion blur reduction function that can be used in conjunction with the " NVIDIA G-Sync / AMD FreeSync " variable refresh rate (VRR) function. This allows users to enjoy games with sharpness and high frame rates.

ASUS kindly gave us the opportunity to touch and feel their new gaming monitor, the VG279QM, and we will review it here at Fangler Games.

VG279QM accessories

Four cables in the contents
funglr Games

Let's unpack the package and start with the accessories around the monitor.

It comes with four cables, the DisplayPort cable and HDMI cable on the left of the picture, and the AC adapter and AC cord on the right.

The cable lengths are 180 cm for the DisplayPort and HDMI cables and AC adapter, and 100 cm for the AC cord.

The AC cord and AC adapter are 280 cm long when used together, but the cables can be adjusted to any desired length because of the Velcro tape attached to the AC adapter to hold them together.

The cable length is 180 cm, so it is possible to route the cable with a generous amount of space.

Visuals and functions of the VG279QM

funglr Games

Let's take a look at the visuals and functions of the monitor.

The slim bezel design of the monitor allows for a large screen.

The bezel width is a mere 8mm in width and 13mm in height, providing a high sense of presence and immersion.

The 8 mm wide bezel is seamless enough to be used in a dual-display environment.

The VG279QM has a non-glare LCD, but with a DCI-P3 95% color gamut and an astounding 1,000:1 contrast ratio, it delivers a wide color gamut and high color reproduction for vivid, high-quality viewing of a variety of content.

In addition, the non-glare LCD prevents glare from reflecting outside light, thus reducing the burden on the eyes.

The clear, high quality image is easy on the eyes even over long periods of time, making it a perfect choice.

VG279QM 背面
VG279QM Rear
funglr Games

The back has the TUF Gaming logo, and the base itself is very sturdy.

The pedestal is equipped with a variety of features that enhance the convenience of the monitor.

The functions of the pedestal are as follows

  • Height adjustment (0 to 130 mm)
  • Swivel (+90° to -90°)
  • Pivot (+90° to -90° (clockwise and counterclockwise))
  • Tilt (+33° to -5°)

The high degree of freedom and flexibility in orientation and angle adjustment allows you to move the monitor to the ideal location.

It also has a VESA standard (100x100mm) on the back, which can be replaced with a monitor arm.

Since many people use monitor arms, it is attractive to have more options for monitor placement.

VG279QM 台座カバー
VG279QM Pedestal cover
funglr Games

The lower part of the pedestal has a back cover for cable bundling.

This is especially useful around the desk, where cables tend to be arranged in a messy manner, making it easy to organize cables and create a comfortable desk environment.

VG279QM 背面I/Oポート
VG279QM Rear I/O Port
funglr Games

I/O ports are located on the back of the monitor.

From left to right, there is a DC terminal for AC adapter connection, HDMI x 2 (V2.0), DisplayPort 1.2, and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

It also has a USB port, but this is for manufacturer maintenance and cannot be used.

The VG279QM does not have a DVI-D port, as the once-mainstream DVI-D port only supports up to 144 Hz refresh rates.

If you are considering purchasing the VG279QM, please check whether your graphics board has HDMI or DisplayPort terminals.

VG279QM's extensive OSD functions

VG279QM OSDコントロールボタン
VG279QM OSD control buttons
funglr Games

The buttons on the lower left side of the back of the monitor (lower right back side when viewed from the front) are control buttons for the OSD (On-Screen Display).

From left to right in the photo are the control sticks and 4 control buttons.

These control buttons are used to configure the OSD functions and monitor settings.

VG279QM OSD機能の一つ GameVisual
VG279QM One of the OSD functions GameVisual
funglr Games

The GameVisual function, one of the functions included in the OSD, allows you to instantly switch to the mode best suited for the genre of game you are playing.

It can be used not only for games, but also for movies, scenes, sRGB mode, and a wide range of other purposes.

VG279QM ShadoBoost オフ
VG279QM ShadowBoost off
funglr Games
VG279QM ShadowBoost オン(レベル3)
VG279QM ShadowBoost On (Level 3)
funglr Games

The two photos above are comparison photos (unprocessed) of one of the OSD functions, ShadowBoost.

In this case, we have applied GameVisual's FPS mode to the camera, so visibility in dark areas is better than usual.

By also using ShadowBoost in combination, you can see that visibility into dark areas is spurred even more.

How does the VG279QM perform?

VG279QM HDMI接続 240Hzまで
VG279QM HDMI connection up to 240Hz
funglr Games

Before reviewing the performance, there is one point to keep in mind.

That is that when used with an HDMI (v2.0) connection, it only delivers up to a 240Hz refresh rate (see picture).

This is because the HDMI (v2.0) specification makes it impossible to draw more than 240Hz refresh rate.

If you use a DisplayPort 1.2 connection, you can draw at 280Hz ref resh rate, so by all means, connect DisplayPort 1.2 to play.

VG279QM DisplayPort接続 280Hzまで
VG279QM DisplayPort connection up to 280Hz
funglr Games

I have been playing "ApexLegends" on my PC using the FPS counter (upper right photo), one of the OSD functions.

The author usually uses a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, but the difference with a 280Hz refresh rate was noticeable during the game.

First of all, the combination of "Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB SYNC™)" and "NVIDIA G-Sync / AMD FreeSync" prevents tearing and stuttering to a great extent, so you can play games without feeling any discomfort. The combination of "NVIDIA G-Sync" and "NVIDIA G-Sync / AMD FreeSync" eliminates tearing and stuttering.

Tearing and stuttering are very important, as they affect not only the search for targets, but also the shooting.

It would be better if the symptoms did not occur not only in games but also in various other situations.

In addition, the display is so smooth that it leaves existing 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitors behind, as it produces 280Hz, almost double the 144Hz refresh rate we normally use.

Refresh rate is a very important factor in gaming, and the higher the number, the more clearly the eye can follow the enemy.

The higher the refresh rate, the more clearly you can track enemies with your eyes.

The benefit of improved visibility is purely in making it easier to keep track of the location of enemies.

TUF Gaming VG279QM Summary

The VG279QM is a very high standard for a gaming monitor, and it is so complete that we have to take our hats off to it.

The gaming monitor uses an IPS panel with wide color and viewing angles, a 1ms response time, and an amazing 280Hz refresh rate.

With ASUS' proprietary ELMB SYNC™ feature, which can be used in conjunction with NVIDIA G-Sync / AMD FreeSync, the sharp, high frame rate rendering without tearing or stuttering is so clear that it can be seen by the naked eye. The difference is so clear that it can be seen by the naked eye.

The "TUF Gaming VG279QM" is a crystallization of wisdom packed with ASUS' proprietary technologies, including GameVisual.

The gaming experience you get from this monitor is sure to be exceptional.

If you are interested in this monitor, please check it out.

This is our review of the " TUF Gaming VG279QM "!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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