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Connecting 2F and 4F! Bought an ASUS RT-AC1200HP for another floor since my office is now on two floors (multiple floors)!

Connecting 2F and 4F! Bought an ASUS RT-AC1200HP for another floor since my office is now on two floors (multiple floors)!

Last week Fangler's Tokyo office moved from Akasaka to Akasaka in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and we introduced the purchase & installation of ASUS wireless LAN repeater PR-AC52 because the office has become larger, but actually the new office has also rented another floor in a groove.

It is 2F and 4F. The main floor is the 2nd floor, and the 4th floor is used to assemble the server room and to store and manage inventory.

First time to have separate floors and to face the problem of internet connection

This is the first time Fangler has had multiple floors.
"On the 4th floor we'll set up a server for development and other test operations! "
but then we have to have the same network environment as the main floor on the 2nd floor.

同じネットワークfunglr Games

It looks like this.
And as a matter of course

  • LANケーブルマン

    What are we going to do about the line on the 4th floor?

  • 明太子マン

    Can't we just sign up for a separate fiber optic line and pull it in?

  • LANケーブルマン

    No, then you can't connect locally from 2F.

  • バンドマン

    What if we put it outside through the window on the 2nd floor, crawl along the wall, and put it through the window on the 4th floor again?

  • Pepper

    Pepper news!

  • LANケーブルマン

    Not realtick... Can't you somehow run the LAN cable through the plumbing in the building?

We are faced with a problem like this.

After much deliberation, I talked to the management company, and they said OK. Great!
And then we talked to the installation company, and they said no problem. Wonderful!

LAN cable from the router on the 2nd floor to the 4th floor!

First of all, we crawled under the floor to the hole to pass the cable from the main router to the top.

Then, we pass the cable through the hole that the contractor put through.
The contractor left a vinyl string hanging down, so we tied the LAN cable tightly to it and pulled it from the 4th floor.

I bought ASUS RT-AC1200HP for the 4th floor that was opened!

RT-AC1200HP 箱の前面funglr Games

RT-AC1200HP " purchased for 4F
It looks weak compared to the RT-AC3200, but it has dual band support for 5GHz and 2.4GHz, which is enough for a sub.
Ah, this is the process of the customary opening ceremony.

RT-AC1200HP 箱の後面funglr Games

Back side of the box. Looks as strong as ever.

Now to open the box!

RT-AC1200HP 箱を開封funglr Games

It fits just right. It looks like it is well protected.

RT-AC1200HP 箱の中身funglr Games

Included: AC adapter, LAN cable, and instruction manual.
There is also information about telephone support and on-site installation support. I've bought three ASUS routers so far, but this is the first time I've received a support guide.
Is it because RT-AC1200HP is for general home use and RT-AC3200 is for professional users? Or maybe it is a service that started recently at the time of purchase.

Jet-black shining body

RT-AC1200HP 全体の前面funglr Games

Look at this cool body.

RT-AC1200HP 前面のロゴfunglr Games

Close-up; the ASUS logo is also cool in gold.

RT-AC1200HP 全体の正面funglr Games

From the front. Look at this cool body (for the second time).

RT-AC1200HP 全体の側面funglr Games

From the side, there are 4 LAN ports and a USB port.
The USB port can be used as a NAS.

RT-AC1200HP 全体の裏面funglr Games

Back side. Japanese technical certification mark.

Comparison of RT-AC3200

RP-AC3200と比較funglr Games

Compared with RT-AC3200, the main wireless LAN router.

RT-AC3200 looks strong and you can choose where to place it, but RT-AC1200HP has an elegant design that you can place it anywhere you want.

Comparison with RP-AC52

RP-AC52と比較funglr Games

Comparison with RP-AC52, a wireless LAN repeater installed yesterday.
RP-AC52 also has a glossy and edgy design, but this one is white.
The ASUS logo is gold in both black and white.

Now to open the LAN cable from 2F to 4F!

First of all, we need to run the cable from the main wireless LAN router to the ceiling, but of course it cannot go over the desk, so we have to run it through the OA floor under the floor to near the hole in the ceiling.

オフィスの檜材funglr Games

The new Fangler office has a hinoki cypress floor, so it was difficult to remove the floor...
Fangler's server engineer is also in charge of the internal network.
"You're an engineer, you should be able to remove the cypress flooring easily, right? "
He can easily remove the hinoki floor.

床下から配線 天井へfunglr Games

After wiring from the subfloor to the floor just below the ceiling hole, we headed for the ceiling.

天井へ配線到達funglr Games

The ceiling is safely reached. Tie it tightly to the vinyl string in the hole the contractor made for us, and pull it from the 4th floor.
As you can see, it fits nicely. The cable is a little visible, but it's right behind the speakers, so it doesn't bother me.

Wireless LAN router safely installed on the 4th floor!

エレガントな無線LANルーターfunglr Games

We were able to install it safely.

Elegant IEEE802.11ac/n/a/g/b-compliant wireless LAN router that can be placed stylishly anywhere


The catchphrase for this product is "The wireless LAN router is safe and sound.
But when I put it near the window, I felt that the elegant atmosphere was spoiled a little...
I'll install it again next time when I have time.

I'm an engineer, so I'm sure you can install a router elegantly, right? I'm sure it will be fine if I ask him to do it .


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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