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Strongest gaming smartphone "ROG Phone II"Open type & review! I tried to play the game.

最強ゲーミングスマホ「ROG Phone Ⅱ」開封式&レビュー!ゲームを実際にプレイしてみた

On November 22, 2019, ASUS ' gaming brand ROG (ROG) released the ROG Phone II.
As a gaming smartphone that specializes in gaming, this unit is said to have the strongest specs.
ASUS lent us an actual device, so the Fangler Games editorial department will be checking it out for ourselves.

A game changer with serious specs. The performance is amazing!

The CPU is powered by the Qualcomm®︎ Snapdragon™️ 855 Plus, the world's fastest CPU at the moment, and it has 12GB of memory, the highest of any smartphone on the market today.
The cooling system uses a vapor chamber, and the included " AeroActive Cooler II " cooling fan ensures that there is no performance degradation due to heat generation.
The 120Hz 6.59" active matrix OLED display is smooth, colorful, and stress-free.

As you can see, the ROG Phone II has a high spec worthy of its self-proclaimed "game changer" status.
However, we were not so sure about the actual performance of the ROG Phone II. Fangler Games is a field-oriented company.
The higher the hurdle, the easier it is to fall.

And so, the usual opening ceremony

A design that doesn't look like a smartphone box
funglr Games編集部

The triangular shape of the box makes you want to say, "I'm in paradise today.
When you pull it out from the side as if you were Tom, you will see the main unit and accessories.

If we were to make a sound effect when you pull it out, it would be "pshoo".
funglr Games編集部

It is arranged in a gadget-like manner. Although it is quite large, I would like to carry it around in this box.
And when I want to use it, I want to take it out. I think this alone is quite intimidating at offline competitions.

I love the feeling of being able to fit it in, I usually like to keep it here.
funglr Games編集部

On the right side is the AeroActive Cooler II cooling fan, and on the left is the main unit.

List of accessories
funglr Games編集部

Here is a list of accessories. The "Aero Case" bumper comes as standard.
It can be installed with AeroActive Cooler II at the same time. The fitting is perfect because it is a dedicated product. Also, the design is simply cool. It looks like a Geming Sumaho.

で、でかい・・・6.59インチのワイド型ディスプレイを、BlackBerry KEY2と比較
Compare the 6.59-inch wide display with BlackBerry KEY2
funglr Games編集部

Comparison with BlackBerry KEY2.
The 6.59-inch wide display is longer than the overall length of KEY2. It is easy to remember.

Back side. Looking at it this way, it's still thick.
funglr Games編集部

On the back side, copper-colored GameCool II is glancingly accented. I thought this might be a burn. I thought so, but my finger never touched it while playing. It seems to be in just the right position. It's truly an amazing feat.

Startup, welcome to the screen
funglr Games編集部

Launch! And welcome. After completing the various settings, the game is installed immediately.
The smoothness of the screen can be felt from the usual operation. Touch sensitivity is also good.

Even with bumpers and fans, the coolness is still there.
funglr Games編集部

Aero Case and AeroActive Cooler II are installed during installation. It is good that the design is not spoiled after installation.
By the way, the bottom of AeroActive Cooler II is equipped with a charging deck and earphone jack.

The fan noise might be a little annoying in a quiet place?
funglr Games編集部

Then let the game begin! I installed PUBG Mobile, of course. I'm going to load up the screen settings, etc., here and there.
Come to think of it, the application seems to start up somewhat quickly. There is no stuttering immediately after startup. I was so excited that I could not stop playing the game. I can start the game without even squirming.
I can play games without stress. How happy I am. Hmm? Did someone just talk to me?

" I'm not leaving until I win the Don today."

Eh, I didn't hear that.

The 6.59-inch super-wide display is easy to operate

The wide display is easy to operate!
funglr Games編集部

Let the battle begin. The first thing I thought was, "I knew it was nice to have a wide display! "
The fingers that operate the screen do not obstruct the view, and there is a high degree of freedom of operation.
The coloring of the screen is also good, so it is really easy to spot an enemy, and I feel like my spotting ability has improved threefold just by using ROG Phone II. Find it first, shoot first. I think the probability of survival is high because "first look, first shot" becomes easier to achieve.

By the way, don't you think there is something important missing? Yes, headphones! Actually, I didn't dare to wear them.
I tended to focus on the battery and display specs, but in fact, the ROG Phone II also has excellent sound quality.
The sound of enemy footsteps and gunfire can be heard three-dimensionally and clearly, so you can play with a high sense of immersion not only with your eyes but also with your ears.
In order to test how well I could fight without headphones, I decided not to wear them during this play.

PUBG Lover Man playing PUBG Mobile with a reluctant look on his face
funglr Games編集部

We had made it to the end of the game without any danger, and there were only 10 players left.
Normally around this point, I would be concerned about the phone's performance dropping due to heat generation or if the battery is okay, but not the ROG Phone II.
The phone was so cold that it was as if to say, "Don't get so hot playing.
The battery power was so low that it was useless to be concerned about it; it was only about 5% after 30 minutes of play. Is this device suitable for games that use location information, where the battery power is rapidly depleted?

The screen is wide and easy to operate, and it catches inputs accurately, so it responds well to spur-of-the-moment operations.
It makes me feel as if my skill has improved by one or two ranks. As mentioned above, since searching is easy, no damage was done, and to my surprise, there were only two players left. The final game was coming up.

I go ahead to the safe zone, lie down on the ground, and just wait for the right moment.
The second place can be won by luck. But you can't win the donkey championship by luck alone.
You need luck and one more thing. That is...

PUBG lover man smiling after winning the first round!
funglr Games編集部

It's not luck, it's ROG Phone II!

幸運とROG Phone IIで勝利を重ねよう
Let's pile on the wins with luck and the ROG Phone II!
funglr Games編集部

What a surprise, we scored a Don victory in the first round of the review.
There is no doubt about the performance of ROG Phone II. Who is this? Who said, "The higher the hurdle, the easier it is to fall?

Want to win? Then don't hesitate to get the ROG Phone II.

The ROG router we use at Fangler Games.
funglr Games編集部

The ROG Phone II is a ROG router that we use at Fangler Games.
The ROG Phone II is truly the Ichiro of the gaming smartphone world, combining all five major elements for winning.
What did you think? If you are looking for a gaming smartphone, you will be satisfied with this one.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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