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[use edition] both lightness and ease of holding! COSPA'S STRONGEST WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE ASUS "ROG Keris Wireless" review!

【使用編】軽さと持ちやすさを両立!コスパ最強のワイヤレスゲーミングマウス ASUS「ROG Keris Wireless」レビュー!

ROG Keris Wireless ", released on March 5, 2021 (Friday) from ASUS' gaming brand "ROG", a gaming brand for winning.
While the editorial staff of funglr Games was writing an introductory article, we received a delivery from ASUS....
This is the "ROG Keris Wireless"!

So, continuing on from our previous review of the ROG Keris Wireless, here is our review of the ROG Keris Wireless!

【開封式】トライモード接続対応のコスパ最強ワイヤレスゲーミングマウスASUS「ROG Keris Wireless」をアンボックス!

It's so light! It's too light!

My first impression of the "ROG Keris Wireless" was "It's so light! It's so light!
The ROG Keris Wireless weighs only about 79 grams!
A wireless mouse tends to be heavy with batteries, but when it is this light, you can move it freely!

Internal honeycomb structure
"ROG Keris Wireless"製品ページ

In fact, the "ROG Keris Wireless" does not look much different from a regular wireless mouse, but it has a honeycomb structure inside.

The honeycomb structure is the ultimate form of lightweight mice that have recently become popular, and it is a method of reducing weight by cutting out parts like a beehive.
However, the honeycomb structure of the surface parts has the disadvantage of making the mouse feel uncomfortable when held in the hand, making it hard to fit in the hand.
In the ROG Keris Wireless, only the internal parts are honeycombed to eliminate such disadvantages while successfully reducing the weight!
We will introduce its comfort later...

First of all, you have to make it shine!

In fact, funglr Games has introduced ASUS products before.

Device Synchronization
funglr Games

Armoury Crate" was installed to make "ROG Falchion" glow, but I didn't know it would work here too!

When the "ROG Keris Wireless" is connected, an option to sync devices appears, so check "Select all.

Select effect pattern
funglr Games

Select an effect pattern...

Cool logo!
funglr Games

"ROG Falchion" and "ROG Keris Wireless" light up in the same color!

Two shots of ROG products
funglr Games

There are 9 effect patterns including " Rainbow " and " Starry sky "!
You'll want to collect other devices that support ASUS' " Aura Sync "...!

Interchangeable side buttons!

Interchangeable Side Buttons
funglr Games

ROG Keris Wireless" has two side buttons on the left side .

Replacing the side buttons
funglr Games

Remove the front side button...

Replacing the side buttons
funglr Games

Remove the back side button!
Please note that the buttons must be removed in this order!

Replacing the side button
funglr Games

When you put it back on, do it in the opposite order...

Side button replacement
funglr Games

It's now pink!

Replacing the side button
funglr Games

ROG Keris Wireless comes with gray and pink side buttons in addition to the default black!
You can enjoy your games in your favorite color!

Check out how it feels on "Fortnite"!

Let's go to the battlefield!
funglr Games

Let's check how it feels by playing "Fortnite"!
This time, I used the wired connection to charge the battery, but the ROG Keris Wireless supports " USB wired connection ", " RF 2.4 GHz ", and " Bluetooth " tri-mode connections, so you can use it in different ways! You can use them in different ways!

Hit your weekpoints without fail!
funglr Games

Too light! Too light!

funglr Games

Aim sucked in by the enemy, 1 kill!

I get on a roll and challenge the NPC's kit, but I lose....

The secret is on the back of the mouse.

"ROG Keris Wireless"の裏面
Backside of the ROG Keris Wireless
funglr Games

The four rounded feet of the ROG OMNI MOUSE FEET are made of 100% Teflon material, which makes the mouse glide smoothly.
If you move the mouse on a smooth surface, it will move too much, so a mouse pad is a must!
A spare "ROG OMNI MOUSE FEET" is included, so you don't have to worry about it getting worn out!

Light and easy to hold, I recommend this gaming mouse to anyone!

A quick shot with "RAIZIN SAKURA
funglr Games

For those who do not usually play games, the term " gaming mouse " may sound ostentatious.
However, the "ROG Keris Wireless" is asymmetrical and can be used by anyone, no matter how you hold it.
It is also very reasonably priced at around 10,000 yen, and is sure to improve the quality of your teleworking!

Also, one of the most appreciated features is the soft USB Type-C wired cable that comes with the product.
I am sure that I am not the only one who feels depressed with the wired state while charging when accustomed to a wireless mouse.
However, the cable that comes with the ROG Keris Wireless is so soft that you can hardly feel its core, so even with a wired connection, operation is comfortable and not bothersome!

ROG Keris Wireless " was released on Friday, March 5, 2021, and is a super stable gaming mouse that can be used by anyone!
For more details, please visit the "ROG Keris Wireless" product page!

Review Campaign!

The " ROG Keris Wireless Device Review Camp aign" is currently underway.
The first 50 people to purchase a ROG Keris Wireless and post a review on Amazon, Price.com, or other review sites will receive a ROG Sheath gaming mouse pad!

So, buy a ROG Keris Wireless and post your review!
Please check the campaign page for more details!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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