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Compact gaming keyboard for both wired and wireless ASUS "ROG Falchion" opening type!

有線・無線両対応のコンパクトサイズゲーミングキーボード ASUS「ROG Falchion」開封式!

ROG " is a gaming brand of ASUS that has released a number of high-performance gaming devices.
Recently, ROG has released a collaboration model with Mobile Suit Gundam, tickling the hearts of gamers with its aggressive products.
Among these ROG products, did you check out our article on the " ROG Falchion ", a compact gaming keyboard that we recently featured on funglr Games?
It was such an appealing keyboard that I couldn't help but mutter, "It looks really good" and "I really want one. Thank you so much! Thank you very much!

This time, we would like to show you how the "ROG Falchion" was unboxed!

有線・無線両対応のコンパクトサイズゲーミングキーボード ASUS「ROG Falchion」発表

Hello from the cardboard box!

ROG Falchion Opening Ceremony
funglr Games

When we opened the cardboard box, " ROG Fal chion" appeared. Hello ROG Falchion. I've missed you, ROG Falchion.
The exterior is simple, but the design of "ROG Falchion", AURA SYNC support, and the Cherry MX red-axis key switches are briefly described.

ROG Falchion Opening Ceremony
funglr Games

After removing the outer packaging, an inner box with the ROG logo appears. It is a black box with only the red ROG logo. It has a luxurious feel.

Now it's time to open the box!

ROG Falchion 付属品
ROG Falchion Accessories
funglr Games

I couldn't resist and took out the contents.

ROG Falchion 付属品
ROG Falchion Accessories
funglr Games

Other than the keyboard itself, there is a manual ( top left), a ROG sticker ( top right), a USB Type-A to C cable ( middle), a 2.4GHz receiver ( bottom left), and a USB Type-A to C converter ( bottom middle).

ROG Falchion Open
funglr Games

On the back of the ROG Falchion, from left to right, there is a power on/off switch, a USB Type-C terminal for wired connection , and a place to store the 2.4GHz connection receiver.
The receiver was stored there.
It is very nice that it is not only plugged in, but also attached with a magnet.
The "ROG" mark is on the receiver, so there is no need to worry about confusing it with other receivers.
You can also tell by the color that the keyswitches are red-axis when you look at it from the side.

ROG Falchion 多用途のタッチパネル
ROG Falchion Versatile Touch Panel
funglr Games

On the left side of the keyboard, there is a touch panel that can be used for various purposes, including sound volume control.
I can't wait to see what it can do!

ROG Falchion Opening Ceremony
funglr Games

The bottom of the "ROG Falchion" is also stylish.
You can use it with a keyboard cover, but we want to show off the design.

ROG Falchion opening ceremony
funglr Games

The polycarbonate cover that comes with it is also chic and cool.
The ROG logo with two different left and right diagonal finishes also accentuates the design.
The USB cable is removable, so I can protect the keyboard with the cover for wired connections, and remove the cable to carry it safely.

Convect body that can be placed anywhere

ROG Falchion Opening Ceremony
funglr Games

The ROG Falchion's compact body, which is about 65% of a typical keyboard, is attractive, but when you actually place it in front of your monitor, its small size stands out.
It is also easy to carry around in any environment.
Now that we have shown you how it looks when opened, you may be wondering how it works, right?
In particular, many people may be interested in the touch panel on the side and wireless AURA SYNC, which are features of "ROG Falchion"!
In the next issue, we will actually use "ROG Falchion" and try this and that! Stay tuned!

For purchase and product details, please visit ASUS ROG's official page,Amazon, orRakuten Ichiba.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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