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Compact gaming keyboard with custom-enabled touch panel ASUS "ROG Falchion" review!

カスタム可能なタッチパネル搭載のコンパクトサイズゲーミングキーボード ASUS「ROG Falchion」レビュー!

Gaming devices are essential for PC gamers.
What a gaming device needs to be "easy to use" and "shiny"!
We were writing an article about the " ROG Falchion " keyboard that meets these requirements, when ASUS Japan, Inc. offered us the " ROG Falchion "! Thank you very much!
So, following on from the previous article on the "ROG Falchion", here is the review of the "ROG Falchion"!

有線・無線両対応のコンパクトサイズゲーミングキーボード ASUS「ROG Falchion」開封式!

First, we need to light it up...

How can I make this "ROG Falchion" shine?
With this in mind, I connected it to my PC with the USB cable that came with it.

Armoury Crateアプリのダウンロードを促すポップアップ
A pop-up prompting me to download the Armoury Crate application
funglr Games

Then, I saw this pop-up.
Hmmm... It seems that I need an application called " Armoury Crate " to get the most out of this "ROG Falchion".

Armoury Crateをインストール
Install Armoury Crate
funglr Games

Of course I'll install it!
I want to make "ROG Falchion" shine as soon as possible...!
With that in mind, I downloaded and installed Armoury Crate.

Armoury Crateのウィンドウ
Armoury Crate window
funglr Games

After the installation is completed, launch Armoury Crate!
Armoury Crate has tabs for "Devices", "AURA Sync", "Game Library", "Scenario Profile", "Features", and "News".
To light up "ROG Falchion", you need to go to the Devices tab... Don't be in a hurry!
For most of these devices, you have to check for driver and firm ware updates.

Perform a firmware update from the Update Center
funglr Games

Open the Update Center from the settings in the lower left corner of the window... I knew it... (smug face)
The firmware update for "ROG Falchion" was still there.
I calmly execute the update.

After the update is complete! "Your device is up to date" is displayed.

A fascinating array of choices
funglr Games

Open the LED lights tab for your device and...voila!
You see some nice words like " Always on", " Rainbow ", and "Quick Sand ".
I press "Rainbow" to try it out and...

It glowed!
funglr Games

It glowed!
The Armoury Crate allows you to set the brightness, lighting speed, and direction of the effect, depending on the glow pattern.
Let's motivate your game with your own unique way of glowing!

Armoury Crate is also equipped with other features such as game-specific profiles and macro settings, which are a big help to gamers.

Compact! Wired and wireless connectivity! Touch screen!

Small! Small, yet easy to use!
funglr Games

ROG Falchion is characterized by its size!
The size of the keyboard is 65% of the size of conventional keyboards, thanks to the thorough miniaturization!
This is a great design for people with small PC desks and for people who frequently carry their keyboards with them!
However, don't underestimate its small size.
The ROG Falchion's clever keyboard layout allows the arrow keys, as well as the Insert and Delete keys, to fit into its compact body!

Wired and wireless connectivity!
funglr Games

On the back of the ROG Falchion, there is a power switch, a USB Type-C port for wired connections, and a place to store a receiver for 2.4Ghz connections.
For wired connection, use the USB Type-C port, and for wireless connection, connect the receiver to your PC!
The receiver for the wireless connection is small, so there was no need to worry about losing it.
The receiver is attached to the "ROG Falchion" with a magnet, so when you are done using it, just reattach it and you won't have to worry about losing it!
Don't forget to turn the switchON for a wireless connection and OFF for a wired connection!

Aura SyncでASUS製品のライティングを一括制御
Aura Sync for integrated lighting control of ASUS products
funglr Games

Aura Sync " is ASUS's way of "glowing".
You know that not only various gaming devices equipped with Aura functions, but also PC cases, motherboards,memory, and even graphics boardscan all be controlled by "Aura Sync", don't you?
The "ROG Falchion" is the first device to adopt wireless Aura Sync, which can be used with a wireless 2.4Ghz RF connection. You can light up anywhere, anytime. It is the "ROG Falchion".

Keys and macros can be assigned to the touch panel!
funglr Games

The touch panel on the left side of the "ROG Falchion" has a sound volume control by default.
You can also assign specific keys and macros to actions such as swipe and touch!

A gem of a design that combines miniaturization and functionality!

ROG Falchion " boasts a compact body, but it is by no means too small to be difficult to use.
Each key is of an appropriate size and distance from the other keys, and the ten-keyless design is excellent in ensuring that all necessary functions are kept at a minimum.
The touch panel on the side, one of the features of the ROG Falchion, will be very versatile!

For more details, please visit the ROG Falchion product page.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

Compact gaming keyboard for both wired and wireless ASUS "ROG Falchion" opening type!
Compact gaming keyboard for both wired and wireless ASUS "ROG Falchion" opening ...

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