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It is most suitable for telework! Review 60fps Full HD Webcam ASUS "ROG Eye"!

テレワークにも最適!60fpsのフルHDウェブカメラ ASUS「ROG Eye」をレビュー!

ROG Eye ", a 1080p/60fps high quality webcam announced by ASUS' gaming brand "ROG
After a long silence of about a year since its announcement, it finally went on sale in Japan the other day!
We at funglr Games have been curious about it for a while, so we bought one right away, and we would like to show you how it looks and performs!

発表から約1年…!ストリーミング向けウェブカメラ ASUS「ROG Eye」が遂に日本発売!

First, let's check the outer box.

funglr Games

The ROG Eye is a small webcam, so it comes in a small box.
Hats off to the sense of black items on black background. It looks cool.

funglr Games

On the back of the box, there is a description of the product. It is written in English, but it is not difficult to understand, so even I, who am not good at English, can understand it.

Now, open the package!

funglr Games

When I opened the box, it was neatly separated and stored.
Let's take them all out and put them in a row.

funglr Games

The contents are...

  • ROG Eye main unit
  • Aluminum alloy stand
  • USB cable
  • Webcam cover
  • Quick start guide

The ROG Eye is very simple.
The USB cable is Micro USB on the side connected to ROG Eye andUSB 2.0 on the side connected to the device.

funglr Games

The ROG logo is engraved on the back of ROG Eye, the ROG logo is engraved on the stand, and the ASUS logo is engraved on the USB cable.
The black coloring is cool.

funglr Games

It is a little hard to see, but the back of the main unit opens to allow for attachment to a monitor or stand.
The maximum width of the opening is 8.5mm, which is unexpectedly narrow, so a thick monitor cannot be clamped, so it may require some ingenuity in installation.

funglr Games

The ROG Eye looks like this when attached to the stand.
It does not "snap" into the stand, but rather is screwed in.
The inside of the connection part on the stand side is rubberized, so it holds the stand firmly.

funglr Games

This is how it looks compared to the Logitech webcam we had in our editorial office.
Both are cool in design, but the ROG Eye looks simpler.

Let's actually use it!

Even if it looks cool, how about the performance? Let's actually use it!
Speaking of the ROG Eye, let's see what it can do...

  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • Frame rate 60fps
  • Face Auto Exposure and Auto Focus technology
  • Wide Dynamic Range technology
  • Beamforming microphone

It is said to be "the best of both worlds". Simply put, it means you can get bright, clean video even in dark places!

The area around the distribution equipment in the editorial office is relatively well lit, so I compared it to the webcam in the conference room, which the editor-in-chief (tentative) had been lamenting for a long time about how dark the video was.
I used Google's " Hangout Meet " video call to capture the image of the person on the other end of the call.

Nash Tajima on another webcam
funglr Games

This is the image of the wide-angle webcam currently used in the conference room.
It is good that the wide-angle webcam has a wide field of view, but it looks dark even at a quick glance.
If you ask Nash Tajima to be the subject of the image, you can see that his facial expression is not so clear.

Let's replace ROG Eye.

ROG Eyeに映るナッシュ田島
Nash Tajima reflected in ROG Eye
funglr Games

The angle of view is different because it is not a wide-angle lens, but ROG Eye seems brighter at a glance.
Nash Tajima's expression also looks a little brighter with the ROG Eye.

With the increasing demand for webcams for teleworking video conferencing, the ROG Eye's brighter image is sure to be a surprise to the members of the video conferencing team!

But there are some disappointments...

As a webcam, the ROG Eye is an excellent choice, but there are some disappointments.
The funglr Games editorial team purchased two ROG Eye units, one for streaming and one for videoconferencing...
The included USB cables are not the same!

Included USB cable
funglr Games

The one that brought you the opening of the package had a cable with the ASUS logo, and the other one had the ROG logo.
After some research, it seems that the cable with the ROG logo was the correct one.
I don't know if it was a specification, some kind of mistake, or something that happened after the cable was shipped from the manufacturer, but it was quite disappointing.
(I thought the ASUS logo had a much shorter cable.

For game streaming and teleworking!

The " ROG Eye " has a simple design, compact body, high image and sound quality, and is a very high quality webcam.
More and more people are teleworking to protect themselves from the new Coronavirus, and with the "ROG Eye" you can have high quality video conferencing without worrying about lighting or mic settings just by connecting one of these cameras!
This is a recommended product for teleworkers as well as for live video game distribution !
For more details, please check the "ROG Eye" product page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

ASUS Introduces ROG Eye, a 1080p/60fps Full HD webcam dedicated to game distribution
ASUS Introduces ROG Eye, a 1080p/60fps Full HD webcam dedicated to game distribution...

I think when delivering it by a laptop PC, there are a lot of people who use an inn camera of an accessory, too, a picture is rough, and it becomes dark, and if

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