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Super lightweight! I just bought an Acer Chromebook 11, so I did an unboxing ceremony!

Super lightweight! I just bought an Acer Chromebook 11, so I did an unboxing ceremony!

It's time for Fangler's annual opening ceremony!
This time it's the " Acer Chromebook 11 " from Acer, a Chromebook that I'm sure many of you would love to have!

Chromebooks are a new breed of PCs designed for speed and ease of use, with features not found in traditional PCs, such as the Chrome OS operating system, which includes useful Google apps, built-in security features, and easy centralized management. Chrome OS, the operating system of Chromebooks, includes useful Google apps, security features, and easy centralized management.

Chromebook: 従来のパソコンとの違い

A look at the outer box

Acer Choromebook11 外箱の様子funglr Games

The Chromebook we received was a simple cardboard box with a logo printed on it.
This is the kind of package I imagine many low-priced products come in.
Personally, I prefer this kind of package because it allows me to dispose of the product in a simple manner.

What is included in the package?

Acer Choromebook11 中身funglr Games

The bundled items are the minimum necessary, such as a setup guide and AC adapter.
The impression of the main unit is also plain white, giving the impression of elegance despite the low price.

US keyboard

Acer Choromebook11 USキーボードfunglr Games

The one purchased this time is a US keyboard version of a parallel import.
The Enter key and the Shit key have a slightly special shape, and are arranged evenly on the top and bottom.
The right end of the keyboard looks a little cramped, but when I tried typing on it, I felt no particular discomfort, and the keyboard gave me a stable typing feel.

In Japan, the world-standard US keyboard, which is in overwhelming demand, is not readily available, and there are many cases where only Japanese keyboards are available.

Free Google Drive storage

Acer Choromebook11 手元の簡易仕様アイコンfunglr Games

When you purchase a Chromeboook, you will get 100GB of Google Drive storage.
It also has an HDMI port for display on a projector or another screen.

Parallel imports have a grounded power supply.

Acer Choromebook11 アース付きコンセントfunglr Games

In this case, the power supply was a grounded one, as it was purchased as a parallel import.
If it is compatible with US keyboard, it is not available in Japan at this time.
You will need to separately purchase a conversion adapter or a grounded tap at a consumer electronics store or the like.

Startup is super fast

Acer Choromebook11 起動funglr Games

When you finally press the power button to start the device, the Chrome mark appears and you are immediately taken to the setup screen.
It takes less than a second to boot up. It really takes a moment. Of course, after finishing the setup, you can use it right away just by logging in.

And the setup is almost as simple as logging in with your Google account!

Acer Choromebook11 お手軽なセットアップfunglr Games

The initial setup is also as simple as language, input type, and network connection.
Once setup is complete, you can use it right away.
By the way, the LCD is anti-glare and does not cause eye fatigue, so browsing for a long time is not painful.

Miscellaneous impressions

The Chromebook can be started up and used immediately when needed, so it can be used anywhere as a workspace in an instant.
I was also surprised at how light it was to carry around. The actual weight is about 1.1 kg, so even if you carry it in your backpack or shoulder bag all the time, it will not be a burden at all. It seems to be a good partner.
Incidentally, Acer also just announced the Aspire One Cloudbook, a netbook with Windows 10 on August 4.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

16601Super lightweight! I just bought an Acer Chromebook 11, so I did an unboxing ceremony!
You can also use the Android app! It is resistant to impact and has a drip-proof function! Chrome OS laptop Acer Chromebook 512"C851T-H14N" released!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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