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Park without stopping! Racing Game "Park it if you can!


You Suck at Parking " is a racing simulation game that has received " very positive " reviews on Steam and is scheduled to be released in Japanese on July 27, 2023 (Thursday). It is a racing simulation game that has received "very positive" reviews on Steam. The single player mode of "You Suck at Parking" was released prior to the release of the Japanese packaged version.

The contents of the single-player mode of "Park It If You Can" are now available.

Just by watching the 15-second trailer, you can feel how crazy the game is. It's great.

Park in all the parking spots in time!


Select the stage you want to play and start the game. Look at the entire map to see how to get to the parking spots.

Each level has its own time limit, but parking the car in the parking spot will extend the time as a bonus. Even if you run out of time remaining while driving, you can drive until the car stops, so don't give up!


It is said that the percentage of back-up parking is higher in Japan than in the rest of the world, but you cannot back up your car if you can park it! If you find yourself in a situation where you have to back up to proceed, give up and reset the car! Try again and again to get the best parking.

Even if you stop the car in the middle of a turn, you are considered to have parked. Stopping outside of the parking area is a parking violation, so it is important to park the car without stopping.


Of course, since it is a car, it will stop even if it runs out of fuel. Depending on the stage, you may have to use the accelerator to stop in time.

You can train your skills in the single player mode or play with up to 8 players online! You can pre-order "Park it if you can park it" from Amazon.co.jp and other sites! For more information, please visit the official Game Source Entertainment website.

Title Outline
Title Parking if you can park it, you can park it!
Compatible consoles PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Nintendo Switch
Release date July 27, 2023 (Thursday)
Price 4,818 yen (including tax)
Genre Parking racing simulation
Maximum number of players 1 player offline, 8 players online
Supported Languages Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Other
Publisher Game Source Entertainment
Developer Happy Volcano


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