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Key classics are coming to Nintendo Switch! "Little Busters! Converted Edition "April 23, 2020!

Keyの名作がNintendo Switchに登場!「リトルバスターズ!Converted Edition」2020年4月23日発売!

Key's coming-of-age story " Little Busters! " was released as a PC game on July 27, 2007, and has since been developed into a variety of media, including spin-offs, home console ports, comic book adaptations, and TV anime adaptations.
The main theme of this romantic adventure game is "friendship," and fans have been moved to laughter and tears by this masterpiece, which will be released as " Little Busters! The release date is scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 2020.

Newly added elements on Nintendo Switch

Natsume Suzu and Komari Kamikita
リトルバスターズ!Converted Edition公式サイト
Text can be selected between Japanese and English!

Texts can be displayed in both Japanese and English. (Voices are only available in Japanese)
The text in the main game, as well as in the preferences and digital manuals, can be switched between the two languages at any time during the game.

Busterpedia" is included!

Busterpedia " is a tool for explaining Japanese culture and other terms that appear in the game. It is also available in both English and Japanese.

Touch screen operation is supported! One-handed play is also possible!

The game can be played not only in handheld mode with the Joy-Con in the console, but also with the Joy-Con removed from the console.
Furthermore, when in table mode or TV mode, all controls can be performed with a single right Joy-Con, allowing one-handed play.

The packaged version will be available as an initial production bonus!

Converted Edition" for Nintendo Switch will come with a special drama CD titled "Our Morning " as a bonus for the initial production. The contents are the same as the drama CD that comes with the PS Vita's first packaged version.
It depicts what happens after Refrain TrueED. Although there are many funny scenes, the conversation between Riki and Kyosuke at the end is serious and heartbreaking.
We hope that those who have listened to it once and those who have picked up Litbus for the first time will listen to it as well.

What kind of game is Little Busters! What kind of game is it?

Enjoy a variety of mini-games with Litvus members
リトルバスターズ!Converted Edition公式サイト

This is an adventure game in which you can enjoy a variety of endings, with the subsequent developments changing depending on the choices you make during the story.
The game also includes many mini-games, such as "baseball batting practice and games," "serving food" to help out in the cafeteria, "exploring the underground labyrinth," and "shooting" with the LitBusters members.
The results of the mini-games change the storyline of the game, but do not affect the main storyline. Some of the mini-games can be skipped, so the story can be progressed without playing them.


The main character "Riki Naoe" has lost his parents and is in the depths of despair. He is saved by Kyosuke Natsume, the leader of a group of boys who call themselves the "Little Busters," allies of justice. Riki spent festive days with the four of them. Before Riki knew it, he had forgotten the pain and loneliness in his heart.

A few years passed...

Riki and his friends' friendship continued as usual, but they had reached an age where they had to think about their future, such as going on to higher education or getting a job. Riki realizes that the time they can spend together is limited, and begins to wish to "do something together that we can only do now. As if in response to his wish, one day Kyosuke suddenly declares, "I'm going to make a baseball team.
 I'm going to make a baseball team. The name of the team is... the Little Busters. "
In the midst of his irreplaceable youth, the story of Riki and the Little Busters begins again!

リトルバスターズ!Converted Edition公式サイト

The friends of the Little Busters.
リトルバスターズ!Converted Edition公式サイト
Product Information
Title Little Busters! Converted Edition
Genre Love Adventure
Release Date April 23, 2020 (Thursday)
Price Suggested retail price for packaged version: 5,500 yen + tax

Downloadable version 5,000 yen + tax
Compatible consoles Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite
Play mode TV mode / Table mode / Portable mode
Supported Languages Japanese / English *Voice: Japanese only
Voice Full voice *The main character only has some parts.
CERO Rating B
Official site URL https://www.prot.co.jp/switch/lbc/
Original Drawing Itaru Higami / Na-Ga
Scenario Associate Asae / Hayato Tonogawa / Hisashi Jogiri / Leo Kashida
Music Shinji Orito / Magome Togoshi / Associate Maeda / Manack / PMMK


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