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It's horror, but comedy? The horror game "GOHOME" that makes you laugh even though it is scary is released!


" GOHOME," a free game created by VTuber and virtual checkerboarder Ichimatsu Jusuzu Yoh that was released in November 2019 and became a major topic of conversation in the game-playing community.
It was distributed as a beta version, but it was announced that the full version will be released on June 17, 2020.

What are the additional elements of the full version?

New characters added in the full version

GOHOME" is a nostalgic horror action game set in 2000s Japan.
The main character " Mosaiko Suzuki " must search for her way home in a residential area in the dark, while evading the pursuit of an unknown person.
The horror experience created by the unique characters is a strange one that will make you laugh even as you feel fear.
The full version of the game has more content than the beta version.
The map has been announced to be doubled , andsix more Obake (including hidden characters) have been added, making it even more powerful than the beta version.
The game is expected to be even more interesting than the one hour play time, which was very intense.

What is the price?

Claudia, the monster of the game

According to the author, Jyuzu Ichimatsu, the game will be sold for 1,555 yen.
The game is only available for Windows, and can be purchased on Steam.
If you are looking for a scary yet funny and mysterious experience, why not purchase this title?


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