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Chira's Art, famous for night shift incidents and dog tunnels, releases the latest horror game "Grudge" on April 25!

夜勤事件や犬鳴トンネルで有名なChilla's Artが最新ホラーゲーム「怨霊」を4月25日にリリース!

Chilla's Art " is a Japanese horror game developer. Chilla's Art releases atmospheric horror games and survival horror games that confront monsters at low prices, mainly on Steam.
The " Inunaki Tunnel," in which players explore a haunted spot in Miyawaka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and the " Night Shift Incident, " in which players experience terror while working the night shift at a convenience store, have been the talk of the town for some time, with many Vtubers broadcasting their experiences.
Chilla's Art will release its latest horror game, " Onryo," on Steam on April 25, 2020.
A gameplay trailer was released on April 19, 2020, and a beta version for backers is available on Patreon.
It looks like there will be some interesting tricks again, along with quite a few scares.

What kind of setting is this film? Atmosphere?

There's something eerie in the air!
Steam:Onryo | 怨霊

The Grudge" is a survival horror game in which you confront ghosts wandering around a Japanese house.
The setting of the game is a Japanese-style house with dim lighting and an eerie atmosphere. The tatami mats are tattered, the walls are blackened by soot or something, and the historical kimono and furniture add to the eerie atmosphere.
Furthermore, the house is said to be haunted by ghosts.
The protagonist goes to such a haunted house for an exorcism and explores it with a camera in hand. Can the protagonist successfully exorcise the ghosts and get to the heart of the house while hiding and running from the ghosts?

Exploring with camera in hand
Steam:Onryo | 怨霊

In this title, the main character can use a special camera to attack and exorcise the ghosts.
The story will continue with the collection of items while completing exorcisms.

Chilla's Art's unique scare effects are still present!

Even the dirt in the toilets is beautifully represented!
Onryo | Steam:Onryo | 怨霊

Like "Inunaki Tunnel" and "Night Shift Case," this game uses a VHS-style noise filter to create a coarse graphic effect.
This noise filter matches the setting and atmosphere of the game very well, and the more retro world view stirs up the player's fears.
The graphics have also been improved. The game's graphics have also been improved, allowing players to see even more details. It will be fun to explore the game while taking time to appreciate each and every object.
I always appreciate the details of toilets in horror games, so I am looking forward to seeing how the toilets in this game will be presented.

There are two types of endings: good ending and bad ending.
It is quite nice to be able to enjoy the game twice more at a low price, combined with a sense of value.
Is there any salvation in the ending? I am very much looking forward to it.

I can't wait for the release date!

I have already played "Inunaki Tunnel," "Night Shift Case," and "Accident Property. All of them are quick and easy to play, yet they are all interesting and tasteful.
In "The Night Shift Case," in particular, there is a powerful scare scene at the end that is quite impressive.
In this work, we can enjoy even more of Chilla's Art's originality.
The price is 520 yen, the same low price as the previous titles ! If you are interested in this game, please buy it on Steam.

For more information, check out the "Grudge" sales page on Steam.


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