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Villa's Art, which produced a number of horror games, announces a new work! Its name is "Missing Children| Great"

数々のホラーゲームを生んだChilla's Artが新たな作品を発表!その名も「Missing Children | 行方不明」

Chilla 's Art," which develops a horror game every two months, is planning to release its latest title!
Chilla's Art has been releasing walking simulator style horror games and survival horror games on Steam at low prices.
The company's previous title, " The Night Shift Incident, " gained popularity among VTubers and other gamers, and their previous title, "The Grudge, " also created a lot of excitement in the video game world.
Chilla's Art will release its latest horror game, "Missing Children " on Steam on June 13, 2020.
A gameplay trailer for the game was released on YouTube on June 8, 2020.
A beta version for supporters is already available on Patreon.
This time, it is a psychological horror game that is sure to be a hair-raising experience.

About the story and taste of this game

Where are the children in the dense forest?
Steam:Missing Children | 行方不明

Missing Children is a game in which you play the role of a detective who, along with a neighborhood cop, searches for missing children in towns and forests.
Along the way, you will develop a storyline with a variety of characters. The game is a little different from previous games in that it places more emphasis on dialogue with the characters than in past games.
There are two endings, a good ending and a bad ending, and it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.

Neighborhood police station
Steam:Missing Children | 行方不明

The game system that forms the essence of Chilla's Art

While searching for the children, you meet a grandmother.
Steam:Missing Children | 行方不明

Chilla's Art's games are created by two game creators, with the younger brother in charge of programming and the older brother in charge of 3D modeling.
Each time a game is created, the game system is improved and added to in an effort to create a better work of art.
This title also seems to have the same save system that was implemented in the previous title, "The Grudge.
The graphics have also evolved, and they are focusing on creating graphics with a more Japanese taste.

The release is just a few days away!

I have already played all of the games. All of them are low-cost, yet full of content and interesting.
I can't wait to see Chilla's Art, which has evolved even further with this title!
The price is the same low price as the past works, 310 yen! If you are interested in this game, please buy it on Steam.
For more information, check out the "Missing Children" sales page on Steam.


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