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Shin Sangoku Musou will be released as a game for smartphones! You can finally play Musou with your smartphone!


Shin-Sangoku Musou ", the masterpiece that became the milestone of the Musou game genre, will now be released as a smartphone application.
The Shin-Sangoku Musou series is a new game that has been released since Shin-Sangoku Musou 8 and Online Z on PS4, but what kind of game will it be this time?
We will take a closer look at the features and appeal of the game based on the information that has been released.

The new game "Shin-Sangoku Musou" is coming to iOS and Android!


The "Shin-Sangoku Musou" app allows you to enjoy the world of Shin-Sangoku Musou on smartphones (iOS and Android), something that has never been possible before.
Fans who have enjoyed the Dynasty Warriors series since the PS era will be wondering, "How can you play the exhilarating Dynasty Warriors on a smartphone? However, the controls have been enhanced to allow for exhilarating gameplay even within the narrow confines of a smartphone screen, and the gameplay is as good as ever.
For example, normal attacks can be launched by tapping the on-screen buttons, and the special button "Ranbu " appears when the Musou Gauge is full, allowing you to perform the unique Musou Ranbu of Shin-Sangoku Musou.

In addition, the "Shin-Sangoku Musou" application also includes special techniques such as class skills, a gimmick that has never been seen in the Musou series before.
Although the playable characters have not been announced at this time, we can expect to play as a large number of characters, including Zhao Yun and Sun Shang Xiang, who represent the series, as well as Sun Jian, Zhou Tai, and Zhang Liao, whose appearances have been announced.

Pre-registration is now open!


Although information about the "Shin-Sangoku Musou" application has been released, at this stage it is still in the closed beta test version, which allows general players to test play, so it will be some time before it can actually be enjoyed.
However, the game is still accepting pre-registrations, and the more people who pre-register, the more tickets they will receive for the gacha system that will be implemented in the game.
Although we are still impatient to play the game, why don't you pre-register today so that you can play and enjoy the game right away?


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