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Popular shooter "SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC" is now available on Nintendo Switch with additional elements!

人気シューティングゲーム「SEGA AGES サンダーフォースAC」が追加要素を加えてNintendo Switchで配信開始!

Since its first appearance in 1990 as a game software for the Mega Drive, "Thunder Force III" has been a popular game and has been ported to various platforms such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Saturn, and arcades.
The remake version, " Thunder Force AC," is now available on Nintendo Switch with additional elements!
The game will be available today, May 14, 2020, and can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop. The price is 999 yen including tax.

What is SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC?

The Thunder Force series is a bullet-hell shooting game in which players fight using 8-way movement and 3 buttons (shot, weapon switching, and movement speed adjustment). The game has gained popularity for its high level of difficulty and perfect balance.
Thunder Force AC" is an arcade port based on the Mega Drive version of "Thunder Force III. The game balance has been restructured, and some stages have been changed to new stages that are different from those in "Thunder Force III. Players can choose from a maximum of four different aircrafts to conquer the stages.
SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC," which will be available on Nintendo Switch, is a new version of "Thunder Force AC" with some additional features.

The Story

The battle between the Galactic Federation and the Orn Empire, which began in the year 790 and involved half of the galaxy, was approaching its 100th anniversary this year.
The Federation has put all its resources into developing the FIRE LEO-03 "STYX," a highly mobile fighter that is small enough not to react to the Orn defense system, yet has firepower comparable to that of a large battleship.
After 100 years of battle, will the Galactic Federation be victorious? Or will it be the Empire of Orn? Will STYX be able to defeat the Orn Empire and Emperor Kau-Su, who lurks in subspace? And will peace return to the galaxy?

You can choose the way that suits you best!

Screens for each mode
SEGA AGES サンダーフォースAC公式サイト

This title has an original mode that is a faithful port of "Thunder Force AC" and a KIDS mode that adjusts the difficulty level for those who have difficulty with the original mode. The game also includes a ranking system that allows players to compete with other players in terms of score, and there are three modes in total.
Try playing in the original mode first, then choose the KIDS mode if it is more difficult, and choose the ranking mode if you want to reach a higher level.

New elements unique to Nintendo Switch!

Double the immersion with the screen settings!
SEGA AGES サンダーフォースAC公式サイト

As an additional element of this title, you can not only save and replay replays, but also view the replays of the top ranked players! Improve your skills by watching the replays of the top ranked players.
The sound is now stereo (some in mono), and there is an "HD vibration" function that adjusts to the playing situation. The game screen can also be set to "Vintage," a CRT-style screen, or "Cabinet," which gives the game center an arcade-like atmosphere.
Enjoy both the old-fashioned experience and the new experience that only the Switch can offer, so choose the settings that suit you best!


The popular shooting game is now available at a reasonable price, so if you are interested in playing it, please do so. Details on the four types of aircraft that can be controlled in this game can be found on the official SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC website.


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