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New Survivor "Jill" is now available in the Resident Evil Resistance! New Mastermind will also be added in May!


CAPCOM's survival horror game " Resident Evil RE:3 " was released on April 3, 2020 (Friday) and is a worldwide hit.
It's been two weeks since its release, and I'm sure there are many people who have already completed RE:3.
If that's the case, the main focus will be on " Resident Evil Resistance," an asymmetrical survival horror game that is also included in RE:3.
The asymmetrical battle game genre can be enjoyed with a fresh feeling each time depending on the participating players, so it is attractive that you never get tired of it even if you play it many times.
Until now, there were six survivor characters in "Resident Evil Resistance," but today, April 17, 2020 (Friday ), a new survivor, Jill Valentine, was added to the already announced lineup!

本日発売!CAPCOM「バイオハザード RE:3」最新トレイラー公開!「バイオハザード レジスタンス」にジル参戦決定!

Jill Valentine, the main character of RE:3

Jill Valentine is the protagonist of the first Resident Evil and Resident Evil RE:3.
If you played Resident Evil Resistance, you probably played RE:3 as well, so of course you know her, right?

Jill Valentine

Jill couldn't believe her eyes. Trapped with several other young people, she wondered if she was still in her nightmare.
Jill, a member of the Raccoon City Police Department's Special Task Force "S.T.A.R.S.," has become aware of the Umbrella Corporation's wrongdoings and has begun her own investigation, but soon after, she is ordered by her superiors to be under house arrest. During her house arrest, she has frequent nightmares. Praying to wake up, she will soon find out. The blood she spills here is not a dream.

Resident Evil レジスタンス公式サイト

...So, will we ever find out why Jill is trapped?

Jill's signature skill is the " Samurai Ed ge". She can switch weapons to the Samurai Edge, which increases accuracy, damage and knockback.
Her personal skill is " evasion," which allows her to evade the attacks of creatures by moving quickly.
The addition of a new survivor, Jill Valentine, is sure to bring new strategies to the game!

Resident Evil レジスタンス
Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil レジスタンス
Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil レジスタンス
Resident Evil Resistance

New masterminds will be added in May!

Now that Jill has been added to the survivor side, the mastermind side will not remain silent!
In May, " Nikolai Zinoviev ", who also appeared in Resident Evil RE:3, will be added as a new Mastermind!

Resident Evil レジスタンス アップデート予告
Resident Evil Resistance Update Announcement

What will his Ultimate Skill be? Let's wait for the release date and additional information!

Matching will also be improved!

When a game title is very popular around the world, the network and matching can become unstable due to high traffic.
It is very sad and frustrating to be away from playing due to not being matched easily.
However! The "Resident Evil Resistance" development team is constantly making improvements and will soon be releasing an update to improve matching delays!
Thanks to the development team for their continued efforts to make sure you continue to enjoy the game !
With more time to play the game now that we're all out of the house, Jill's release, improved matching, and Nikolai's release next month, Resident Evil Resistance will be even more fun to play!
For more information, please visit the official Resident Evil Resistance website!


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