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Exactly all of them! "Overcook Kingdom's Full Course" PS4 Japanese package version will be released on April 22, 2021!

まさに全部盛り!「オーバークック 王国のフルコース」PS4日本語パッケージ版が2021年4月22日に発売決定!

The slapstick cooking action game "Overcooked! " will be released on Thursday, April 22, 2021 in Japanese on PS4!

The video is a trailer for the PS5 version.

What is Overcooked?

Overcook is a "slapstick cooking action game" that allows up to four players to play cooperative multiplayer.
Players control a chef who procures ingredients in the kitchen, cooks them, and serves them to customers.

"オーバークック 王国のフルコース"ゲームプレイ
Gameplay of "Overcooked Kingdom Full Course
"OVERCOOKED! ALL YOU CAN EAT"(原題)Official page

Orders come in fast and furious, and you have to serve them quickly.
Each menu has different ingredients and cooking methods, and the place where the food is cooked is not always in a normal kitchen!

"OVERCOOKED! ALL YOU CAN EAT"(原題)Official page
Make good use of the gimmick and work together in multiplayer to provide it efficiently.

It's a full-course, sumptuous edition!

Overcooked Kingdom Full Course," originally released on PS5 in December 2020, is now available in a new PS4 package.
This title includes the original "Overcooked" and "Overcooked 2" as well as all downloadable content and the latest content, making it a full-course package worthy of the name!

Up to 4K resolution and 60fps!

Supports 4K resolution and 60fps operation.
"OVERCOOKED! ALL YOU CAN EAT"(原題)Official page

All stages have been remastered to support up to 4K resolution and 60fps!
And while the original "Overcooked" was local play only, this game now supports online multiplayer!

Cross-platform multiplayer is coming!

Cross-platform multiplayer will be supported in future updates.
You will be able to play multiplayer not only on PS4, but also with players on the PS5 version.

Other new features that will make playing the game more comfortable

New stages, new skins, and new trophies have been added.

"オーバークック 王国のフルコース"ゲームプレイ
Overcooked Kingdom Full Course" gameplay
"OVERCOOKED! ALL YOU CAN EAT"(原題)Official page

In addition, there is an assist mode that allows you to practice with time limits turned off , a
Accessibility features such as resizable subtitle UI and color recognition have also been added.

Chef icons are now more recognizable with new shapes.
"OVERCOOKED! ALL YOU CAN EAT"(原題)Official page

Pre-orders are now open!

The PS4 package version of "Overcooked: The Full Course of the Kingdom" will be available for pre-order in stores from March 4, 2021.
The limited-quantity bonus is an original keychain, so be quick if you want one!
You can also pre-order from Amazon's "Overcooked: A Full Course in the Kingdom" product page.

Original keychain" as a store pre-order bonus
"オーバークック 王国のフルコース"公式PS4版ページ
Title Overview
Title Name Overcooked: Full Course of the Kingdom
Genre Slapstick cooking action game
Compatibility PS4
Release Date April 22, 2021 (Thursday)
Price 4,598 yen (tax included)
Manufacturer Publisher: Game Source Entertainment
Developer: Ghost Town Games Ltd & Team17
Official Site Japanese version
Overseas version


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