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Finally landed in Japan! The Japanese version of the original gaming papa live "nicee" is released! Official release is scheduled for December!


This is a popular play matching service in the gaming industry. It is also referred to as "gaming daddy activity" on the Internet.
In Japan, GameRoom has released a beta version of such a play-matching service, which mimics the service planning and design of the popular " nicee (https://www.nicee.tw/) " service in Taiwan.

GameRoom is controversial even in Japan, and some people in Taiwan say, "Japan has started to take over Taiwanese services..." In the midst of this, a new service from Taiwan has been launched, "GameRoom".
Under such circumstances, the Japanese version (http://nicee.jp/) of "nicee" from Taiwan has been released.

What is "GameRoom" in the first place?


GameRoom" was created by Kota Ozawa, the president of CryptoGames, Inc. after seeing a tweet from Hikaru Tomura (a member of Shochiku Entertainments, a cultural group), who discovered " nicee " released in Taiwan, and announced on Twitter, "I'll make it! " he publicly announced on Twitter.

The content of the service, as well as the design of the website, is similar to that of "nicee," and we wonder if the company has decided that this level of imitation is okay, or that there is no fear of copyright infringement because the countries are different.

Have there been problems with rights in the past?

In the past, the company has gotten into trouble for using the logo of a trading card game without a license.
Representative Kota Ozawa said in an interview last year that he regretted this.

Kota Ozawa was involved in the launch of the game strategy wiki "GAMY" at CyberAgent, Inc. and was the manager of OPENREC.tv division at CyberZ, Inc. He has also been involved in the development and management of the e-sports business, such as RAGE.
From such a career, one can imagine that he is well versed in intellectual property rights and copyrights.

Meanwhile, the original gaming dad business "nicee" has landed in Japan!


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, "nicee" is a popular game-playing matching service in Taiwan.
(Competing services in Taiwan include "Tilt and See" and others.)
Nicee" has already gained a large number of users in Taiwan and has released a test version in Japan.

GameRoom" is a service that mimics "nicee", but now that "nicee" has arrived in Japan, the "gaming daddy activity platform" will become a fierce competition in the future.

Membership campaign is now underway!


The Japanese version of nicee is currently in a test version and is scheduled for official release in December 2020.
In the test version, a "1000 yen new member coupon" is being offered to those who pre-register.

Many gamers have already registered.


As mentioned above, the Japanese version of nicee is still in the test version, but a large number of cast members (gamers) have already registered.
To register as a cast member, you need to create an account, apply to be a cast member, and then niccee will verify your ability and you will be registered.

The title of this article refers to the "original gaming daddy activity," but you can imagine that it has a very solid management system.
For more details, please check the " Frequently Asked Questions " section of nicee.

Also, some may be concerned about using a web service from overseas, but the Japanese version of nicee is operated by Chiseled Games Japan K.K., a Japanese corporation, and the Japanese phone number is listed on the site, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Linkage with LINE


Nicee also has a function called "Bind LINE" that allows users to connect to LINE.
Simply put, when you receive a message or order from nicee, you will be notified via LINE.
It is quite convenient to not have to constantly log in to check messages and orders.

There is also a membership campaign, so why not sign up?


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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