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BOI's new RPG "Memento Mori" will start service in September 2022! Pre-registration starts on Google Play!

BOIの新作RPG「メメントモリ」のサービス開始が2022年9月に決定!Google Playで事前登録開始!

Bank of Innovation Inc. ( BOI), known for its games " Crypt T ract" and " Mitrasphere ", has started pre-registration for its new smartphone RPG " Memento Mori " on the Google Play Store! The service start date is now available on the Google Play Store.
The service is scheduled to begin in September 2022!

What is "Memento Mori"?

メメントモリPR TIMES

Memento Mori " is a new RPG for smartphones that is now accepting pre-registrations.
The characters in the game have harsh pasts and destinies, and each one of them has his or her own story.
The worldview of each character is expressed through the singing of laments by a number of authentic artists and voice actors, including Daoko and Ayaka Hirahara.
The voices of the characters are provided by talented voice actors such as Kana Hanazawa, allowing the audience to fully experience the world of the characters!

The Story

There are girls called "witches.
They are ordinary girls with a few special powers.
However, when a plague spreads across the continent, these special girls begin to be feared and hated.
Soon, the Church of the Holy Spear declares the start of a "witch hunt".

The plagues are caused by witches. Kill the witches and the plague will disappear."

Witches are executed one after another.
One day, while the world was being ruled by madness, a curse suddenly appeared all over the world.
Countries burned in the fires of hell. A country consumed by skeletons. A country purified by the Tree of Life.
It was the pathetic wish of the girls called the "Witches of Cliffa.
Countries with no means to resist perished one after another, and finally...
The earth fell into the sky...

At that time, people were still unaware.
The light of the cursed girls who gave hope to the people.
In order to save the ruined world, the girls liberate the fallen earth.
Believing it to be justice...


Memento Mori will begin service in September 2022!

Google Play事前登録開始PR TIMES

BOI' s New RPG "Memento Mori " for Smartphones
The game, with its beautiful graphics and fantastic worldview, currently has over 500,000 pre-registered players !
Many music videos featuring voice actors such as " Aoi Yuki," " Kana Hanazawa," and " Inori Minase " have been released on YouTube, and I am sure that many users are eagerly awaiting the start of the service.
This time, BOI has announced the long-awaited release date of " Memento Mori "!
The service has started! September 2022 to be decided! The service has started!
The game will be available on App Store ( iOS version), Google Play ( Android version), and DMM GAMES ( PC version).

Pre-registration is available through one of the following methods

Pre-registration on the Google Play Store has also started!
By pre-registering on Google Play, you will receive a notification when the game is released, so Android users should take this opportunity to register!
For more information on Memento Mori, please visit the official "Memento Mori" website.


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