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Funglr Games model planning 1st! Too cute Hong Kong girls "Mamechi" free material site Pakutaso debut!

funglr Gamesモデル企画第1弾!可愛すぎる香港女子「まめち」フリー素材サイトぱくたそデビュー!

Thank you very much for watching funglr Games.

We are currently receiving various proposals from individuals, groups, and corporations.

Among them, this year we received a lot of viewers for our broadcast project on funglr Games, and we have started to receive inquiries from people who want to appear on funglr Games.

We would like to recruit streamers and models to appear on funglr Games for further growth.

Streamers or Models

Please click on the link above for more details.

The first model project! Mamechi", a too-cute Hong Kong girl, makes her debut on a free material site!

As the first modeling project, "Mamechi," an overly cute Hong Kong girl, will make her debut as a model on a free material website in collaboration with "PakuTaso," one of the largest free photo material sites in Japan!

You may be thinking, "This is a crazy project and has nothing to do with games! You may be thinking, "This is a very out-of-the-box project, and it has nothing to do with games!

  • When a photographer goes to an event alone, there is no subject and it is difficult to convey the experience of the event.
  • Having a model makes it easier to convey the situation on the ground.
  • funglr Games is based in Hong Kong and is familiar with the Hong Kong e-sports industry.
  • Hong Kong professional players have appeared many times in funglr Games' distribution projects
  • PakuTaso and funglr Games had been working together on an e-sports project.

With this background, I was discussing and chatting with my friend Susipaku (@susipaku), who is an expert in model casting and planning, about "models" and "streamers".

We have also been working with @susipaku since last year on an e-sports related content project with funglr Games, and we have been talking about "doing something! We had been working on an e-sports photo project with funglr Games since last year.

But first, what is PAKUTAZO?


PakuTaso is a service in the "photo material" or "stock photo" genre. It distributes high-quality photos on the Internet that can be used for large posters, illustrations, and other purposes.

These services are divided into two categories: "pay-per-use" sites that sell photos for a fee and "free-use" sites (commonly known as "free materials"), and PAKUTAZO is recognized as the largest free material site in Japan.


As mentioned above, PAKUTAZO is one of the largest free material sites in Japan.

Free material model debut

The e-sports project with PakuTaso is still in progress, and we may be able to announce something in the not-too-distant future.

However, in order to introduce " Mamechi " to the world as quickly as possible, we released " Mamechi," a free material site for "too cute Hong Kong girls," PakuTaso Debut! We have released "Mamechi" free material site "PakuTaso Debut!

Rather than debuting as a stand-alone project of funglr Games, we thought it was important to work with PakuTaso so that many people, including funglr Games, would be aware of the site, so we decided to make our first debut as a PakuTaso collaboration project!

Shooting in Hong Kong!

So, skipping the funglr Games appearance, we made our PakuTaso debut first!
Here are some of the free photos we took in Hong Kong!

ぱくたそ:フリー素材モデル"まめち"PAKUTASO×funglr Games
ぱくたそ:フリー素材モデル"まめち"PAKUTASO×funglr Games
ぱくたそ:フリー素材モデル"まめち"PAKUTASO×funglr Games
ぱくたそ:フリー素材モデル"まめち"PAKUTASO×funglr Games
ぱくたそ:フリー素材モデル"まめち"PAKUTASO×funglr Games

In addition to being easy to use, the too-cute Hong Kong girls are truly righteous. It's justice (I said it twice because it's so important).

Free photo materials of "Mamechi" are available from today! From news sites to personal blogs, please use them as much as you like!


Free material model "Mamechi
To use & download, please visit the following URL


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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