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"RPG time! ~ The Legend of Lights "Xbox Series X| S, Xbox One, And Windows will be released this winter

「RPGタイム!~ライトの伝説」Xbox Series X|S・Xbox One・Windowsにて今冬発売

DeskWorks, Inc., a company with the concept of "hospitality packed with ideas," announced today that it will release " RPG Time! ~The Legend of Light " will be released this winter.
This is the first indie game published by Aniplex and is being exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online, which began on Thursday, September 30.
The game has received high acclaim for its originality and myriad ideas, and has won numerous awards at game shows around the world, including the Tokyo Game Show, Taipei Game Show, Bitsummit, and IndieCade.

A handmade RPG drawn in a notebook by "Kenta," a boy who loves games.

The main character appears!
Kenta's notebook
WORLD MAP in the game

RPG Time! ~The Legend of Light" is an RPG "The Legend of Light" created by Kenta, a boy who wants to become a game creator, and drawn in a notebook in the classroom after school.
The game is filled with fun and exciting tricks to keep you turning the pages and enjoying Kenta's playful spirit in a variety of gameplay styles, including action, adventure, RPG, side-scrolling STG, and command battles.

"RPG Time! ~The Legend of Light" Trailer!

A new trailer was released on Aniplex's official YouTube channel on Thursday, September 30.
The trailer, which lasts about 1 minute and 30 seconds, is narrated by Miyuki Sawashiro and introduces various gimmicks of the game.

Product Information

Title RPG Time! ~The Legend of Light
Genre Handmade Notebook Adventure
Compatible consoles Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows
Release Date Scheduled to be released this winter
Number of players 1 player
Language Japanese/English

This is a hot indie game that has won numerous awards at game exhibitions around the world, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest information on this game.
Check out the latest information on the game, which is full of playful and exciting tricks.
For future updates and more information about the game, please check the official website and DESKWORKS official Twitter.


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