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Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture delivers smartphone RPG "Ishinomaki City Regional Revitalization RPG (provisional)" in March 2021!


Many companies are now involved in e-sports and gaming, and many corporate-sponsored e-sports events are being held.
And not only companies, but even the government is getting involved in the e-sports and gaming industry, such as in the "Tokyo eSports Festa" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, making gaming a major industry representing Japan.
Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture has announced a smartphone RPG "Ishinomaki City Rural Development RPG (tentative )" set in Ishinomaki City !

「東京eスポーツフェスタ 2021」の競技タイトルに今年もモンストが決定!

Explore Ishinomaki City in both real life and in the game!

Ishinomaki City Local Creation RPG (tentative ) " is a smartphone RPG that takes players on an adventure in a fantasy world created on the model of Ishinomaki City.
The game will feature tourist attractions such as Ishinomori Manga-kan, San Juan Bautista, Saito's Garden, and Kinkasan, as well as local specialties and products such as ascidians, oysters, whales, and Ishinomaki yakisoba, allowing players to fully experience the city of Ishinomaki.


Ishinomaki City Regional Development RPG (tentative)

Pino, a boy from the national capital with a rare talent as a magician
Pino, a boy from Kunimachi who has a rare talent as a magician, was spending his days without being able to make use of his talent
But one chance led him to go to Ishinomaki.

There, Pino met Lavin, a girl from Ishinomaki, Dichem, a spirit tribe
Dichem of the Spirit Tribe and Myron of the Cat People Tribe, as well as Ravyn, a girl from Ishinomaki
and Myron of the Cat People, and other reliable friends.
He soon finds himself on a journey to save Ishinomaki from a crisis.

With an important promise made to her as a child
Pino continues to walk across the vastness of Ishinomaki.


The storyline of the game is set in Ishinomaki City, but it seems to be a fantasy story.
I wonder what kind of crisis will come to Ishinomaki on this journey to save the city!

Of course you can explore Ishinomaki City in the game on your smartphone, but the "Ishinomaki City Rural Development RPG" will also use GPS location data to allow you to visit Ishinomaki City in real life!
By actually visiting the tourist attractions and public facilities designated in the application, players will be able to obtain many rewards, such as powerful weapons and items that can be used in the game.
And best of all, it's a wonderful experience to visit the landmarks featured in the game and enjoy their specialties!
The app is currently recruiting partner businesses that will distribute original game goods and store coupons, so it looks like the real Ishinomaki City will be very busy when the service launches!

Monster Design & Magic Name Wanted!

Ishinomaki City is currently accepting monster designs for the "Ishinomaki City Local Creation RPG (tentative)".

Monster Design Wanted!

Design and name a monster based on Ishinomaki City's local specialties or a monster that seems to be lurking in Ishinomaki City's nature, and submit your design!
If your design is selected, the illustrator will officially design it and it will appear in the "Ishinomaki City Local Creation RPG (tentative)," giving you a chance to distribute your monster idea to the whole world!
Not only Ishinomaki residents but also people from all over Japan can apply, but the deadline is January 7, 2021 (Thursday ), which is almost over!
If you have an idea, hurry up and apply!
For details, please check the "Ishinomaki City Rural Development RPG (tentative)" official website's monster design application page.

In addition to monsters, we are also looking for names for magic spells that will appear in the game.

Call for Magic Names

Show us your taste by naming your magic after a dialect or a famous local specialty!
Choose from the following magic effects: "attacks enemies with fire," "attacks enemies with lightning," or "heals damaged allies," and submit the name of your magic along with the spell to be ch anted!
If your spell is chosen, it will not only appear in the "Ishinomaki City Local Creation RPG (tentative)", but you will also have the chance to have your spells chanted by the voice actor of your choice!
As with the monster design, the deadline for this contest is January 7, 2021 (Thursday ), so if you have an idea, hurry up!
For more details, please check the "Ishinomaki City Rural Development RPG (tentative)" official website .

Scheduled to be released in March 2021!

Ishinomaki City Rural Development RPG (tentative)" will be released in March 2021 as a smartphone RPG for Android and iOS.
Recommended system requirements and whether or not the game will have any chargeable elements have not been announced at this time, but since the game is scheduled to be released in March, more announcements are sure to follow! Let's wait for further announcements!
Of course, people from and living in Ishinomaki City can enjoy the game, but if more people learn about Ishinomaki City and visit Ishinomaki City through "Ishinomaki City Rural Development RPG (tentative)", nothing would be more wonderful than that! We are looking forward to the start of distribution!
For more details, please check the official website of "Ish inomaki City Local Creation RPG (tentative)".


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