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Can you see Aeon again?! "Shernosage" and "Arnosage" will be released in dx version!


Gust is one of the brands of Koei Tecmo Games, and is involved in the Atelier series and Augmented Girl Trinary, among others.
Speaking of the Atelier series, "Liza's Atelier: Queen of Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Lair," released last year, became the best-selling title in the series, and the DX (deluxe) versions of the "Arland" and "Twilight" series, ported to the latest hardware, are also popular. The "Arland" series and the "DX (Deluxe)" port of the "Twilight" series to the latest hardware have also been popular and have attracted many fans for over 20 years.
This time, Gust has released two new titles, " Chernosage " and " Arnosage " from the "Sage Concerto" series, which is based on the concept of "a world that truly exists beyond the seven dimensions. The two titles will be released as DX (deluxe) editions.
The teaser site for these titles has been opened, and a trailer and main visual have been released.
To commemorate the release of the DX version, " Aeon's Handmade Goods " exclusive to Gust Shop will also be available.

What is "Sage Concerto"?

A world that really exists, far beyond the seven dimensions.
Based on this concept, Sage Concerto is a series of games in a variety of genres and on a variety of hardware.
All of the games in the Sage Concerto series are set in the same world at different times or in different possibilities, and they are all correlated with each other.

Overview of "SERNOSAGE

Fun Life with Aeon (image from Vita version)

ChernoSage" is a communication-based world experience tool (real-time life simulation ) that brings the concept of "the world that really exists" of "Sage Concerto" closer to the player.
It begins with an encounter with "Aeon," a girl who has lost her memory in a world seven dimensions away, which is accidentally connected through a terminal.
The player can enjoy real-time conversations and dates with Aeon, who lives on the other side of the screen, and spend pleasant days together.
Aeon gradually regains her lost memories with the help of the player.
In the world where Aeon's memories sleep, called the "Dream World," you can restore the ruined places and get her memories back.
Then you will learn why she is alone and where is the world beyond the 7th dimension.

Overview of "Arnosage

The battles using poetic magic and items are full of power (image from the Vita version).

Arnosage" is the second installment of the "Sage Concerto" series.
The RPG story is told through the use of dive points and items obtained from battles, mixing items at a concoction shop, and enjoying character events while strengthening your equipment.
Aeon and many other characters search for the truth behind the outbreak of the mysterious life form "Sharl".
Aeon and his friends will use a variety of friend moves to color the turn-based battles and powerful "Poetic Magic" to lead them to victory.
In addition, this title features a new function called " Gemino Link," which allows players to link with the "Sage Concerto" series!
Depending on how you play "ChernoSage," the story in "Arnosage" will change, and new events will occur in "ChernoSage. You can enjoy the connection that only the "Sage Concerto" series can offer.

Items commemorating the DX version will be on sale from the 7th dimension!

Let's make lots of memories with Aeon!

In addition to the release of the DX version, long-awaited new items will also go on sale.
In addition to the new interactive drama CD, there will be a backpack handmade by Aeon, which appears on the CD, and a headphone amp kit that you can make with Aeon!
In addition, the backpack and headphone amp kit come with a message card from Aeon.
The diorama set and tapestry are also available for Aeon lovers.
For more details, please check out the "Sage Concerto DX" announcement special on the official Gust Shop website.

This year is all about Aeon! Let's make lots of memories with Aeon again!

Gust has announced the "Serge Concerto" series DX.
The details of the DX version have not yet been revealed, but it is believed to be a complete version that will be developed on a new platform, based on the previously released "Arland DX" and "Dusk DX".
It will be interesting to see if new stories, characters, costumes, etc. will be added.
Let's look forward to more announcements to come!
Please check the official Sage Concerto website for more information on the DX version.
You can also purchase Aeon's new items and other goods at the Gust Shop.
If you can't wait to meet Aeon again, why not purchase goods that will make your memories with Aeon even earlier?


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