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The long-awaited official release of "Dolls Frontline: Neural Cloud" will begin on November 24th (Thursday)!


Today, November 24, 2022 (Thursday), the official release of "Dolls Frontline: Neural Cloud," an exploration-based strategy RPG spin-off of the simulation game "Dolls Frontline," has finally begun! In this issue, we will introduce the outline of "Dolls Frontline: Neural Cloud," the collaboration with VTuber/Virtual Liver group "NIJISANJI," the in-game campaign, and other information accompanying the official release of the game.

Official release on November 24, 2022 (Thursday)!

ドールズフロントライン:ニューラルクラウド、正式リリース開始PR TIMESト

The exploration-based strategy RPG "Dolls Frontline: Neural Cloud" will be available on the App Store andGoogle Play from November 24, 2022 (Thursday). The game is a spin-off of "Dolls Frontline," which has attracted many fans with its maniacal theme of anthropomorphizing guns, challenging game system, and epic scenario.

In-game events such as the release commemorative login event and the "Designated Mental Acquisition" event, in which you can acquire your favorite 3* dolls, are currently being held in "Dolls Frontline: Neural Cloud." As a reward for reaching 2 million pre-registered users, the following items are available For reaching 2 million pre-registered users, a luxurious reward including a ★3 doll "Willow" and an advanced search command will be distributed.
Anyone can receive these rewards just by starting the game, so download and play now!

Celebrating the official release! Login Bonus!

ログインボーナスイベントPR TIMES

A login bonus is now being offered, in which gifts will be distributed according to the number of days logged in.
For logging in for a total of 7 days, you can get Quartz Sand x4000, Advanced Search Directive x20, etc., which are useful for the game.

Event "Expansion Process" to train Persica up to 5★!

イベント"拡張工程"PR TIMESト

In-game event "Expansion Process" is underway.
After clearing the stage "Rossum Sector Standard 1-3", the "Expansion Process" for the ★2 doll Persica will be opened. By completing all of the stage missions and clearing the Piece Search [Persica EP06], you will receive an item that will allow you to expand Persica to 5★.

Event "Get a Designated Mentality" where you can select a 3★ doll to win!

イベント"指定メンタル取得"PR TIMESト

An event called "Get a Designated Mentality" is also being held, in which you can choose your favorite 3* doll from the above 8 dolls.
By spending 980 quartz sand, you can choose one of the 8 dolls to acquire.

Collaboration with NIJISANJI "Cloud Drive Project" to be broadcast live for 7 consecutive days!

NIJISANJIとのコラボ企画"クラウドライブ計画"PR TIMESト

Starting on November 28, 2022 (Mon.), a collaboration with VTubers from "NIJISANJI" will be held for seven consecutive days. Each VTuber will be broadcasting their experience of "Dolls Frontline: Neural Cloud", so be sure to check it out!

Details of the collaboration will be announced on the official Twitter account (@NeuralCloudJP ), so be sure to follow us and wait for more information!


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