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Gather people who want to be good! Esports player practice environment service "Gesippi Dojo" appeared!


Gecipe, Inc., which operates "gecipe," a learning video service for popular e-sports players, has released "Gecipe Dojo" as the first step of its practice environment service.

The world of e-sports is a difficult one to improve in.

The e-sports industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, but for new players, the road to improvement can be a difficult one.
The first time I played a certain fighting game online, I was killed in an instant.
Even if you look at play videos and strategy sites, you may not know what to do to get better.
The "Gesipi Dojo" is here to help you out!

What is "Gesipi Dojo"?

The "Gesipi Dojo" is a "dojo" that matches players with similar problems and helps them learn and grow together!
Even if you play the same game title, your playing style, what you are struggling with, and tips for improving your game play will vary from player to player.
The "Gesipi Dojo" is a place where you can gather a group of friends by pinpointing the areas you are struggling with.

Recruiting friends is a simple 2-step process!

Even if a service is convenient, if it is difficult to use, or if there are too many complicated items to fill out, it may raise the hurdle.
No need to worry about that with "Gecipi Dojo"! You can start recruiting in just two steps!

Click the "Create Recruitment Card" button on the video study page and enter your "Name," "Playing Style," "Playing Time Zone," "ID/Code," and "Contact Information. That's all there is to it!
That's it! Easy, isn't it?

Once you have a group of friends, you can discuss your play, play together, and improve your game!

Gesipi Dojo" is just the first step.

Gesipi Inc. will continue to add new features as needed to provide a learning and practice environment for e-sports players!
Let's keep our eyes peeled for new features to be added and hone our skills in the "Gesipi Dojo"!

Check out the official gecipe website for more information on supported game titles and details!
Follow Gecipi-kun @Gecipe Official on Twitter for real-time information!

Download the smartphone app from the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.