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Gaming Daddy Live!? "GameRoom" where you can get money by playing popular games such as Apex and Splatoon 2 together is released in β version!


The outbreak of a new type of coronavirus has caused cluster infections in nighttime restaurants where business entertainment is involved, and this has become a social problem for a while.
In the midst of this situation, managers and cast members of social restaurants began to develop new styles of service, such as "online cabarets" that "serve customers online" and "ZumCabaret," which utilizes the video conferencing tool Zoom.
In fact, because it is a one-on-one video chat, it is unclear what kind of interaction is taking place, and depending on the content of the online service, there were concerns that it might fall under the category of "special sexually oriented businesses that transmit video images. However, as of the present time, there has been no particular information of an exposé.

At the same time, due to the closure or voluntary restraint of nightclubs, it is not uncommon for women to start so-called "papa-katsu," or "daddy's life," in which they receive money from men in exchange for meals or dates.
In recent years, Cryptogames, Inc. has released a beta version of GameRoom (https://game-room.jp), a service that allows users to receive money for playing games together, which could be called "Gaming Papa Katsudo.

Gaming x Dad Activity!


As mentioned above, the practice of women receiving money from men in exchange for dinner or a date is commonly referred to as "papa katsu.
GameRoom" is a gameplay matching service that allows users to sell their gameplay time and enjoy online games together while voice chatting with gamers.
Gamers sell their time in the form of XX coins per hour, and those who wish to play games and chat together purchase the coins.
This service has been described on Twitter as "Gaming Papa Katsudo," as it replaces "tea together" with "gaming together.

Although it is described as a "gaming daddy activity," male players are also registered, and it can be used not only for communication between the opposite sex, but also for beginner players to practice together and as a coaching service.

Apex, Splatoon 2, and other popular games


The supported games include Apex, Splatoon 2, and other popular games. The supported games are as follows.

Game Title Operator/rights holder
Apex Legends Electronic Arts
Wilderness Action NetEase Games
PUBG PUBG Corporation
Fortnite Epic Games
Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment
League of Legends Riot Games
IdentityV Fifth Personality NetEase Games
Monster Hunter Capcom
Dead by Daylight BEHAVIOUR
HaraShin miHoYo
Jantama Cat Food Studio
Splatoon 2 Nintendo
Crypto Spells Crypto Games

Surprisingly, prominent Japanese IP holders such as Nintendo and Capcom are among the names on the list.
Also, "GameRoom" has a patent pending.

And a former professional gamer is already registered!

The service's official Twitter account also introduces recommended gamers.
If you are interested in this service, please check out Twitter.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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