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You can receive "practice" from professional gamers! The game coaching site "esports Dojo" is now open!


Professional gamers and professional e-sports players are nowadays listed among the most desired professions.
However, only a handful of people are able to " earn money playing games professionally.
Even if you aspire to be a professional player and want to hone your gaming skills to a professional level, you may be thinking, "Don't I just have to practice steadily on my own? There are probably many people who are thinking, "I'll just have to practice steadily in my own way.
Well, I have good news for those people!
XCOM Global Inc., the company behind " Imoto WiFi, " a mobile Wi-Fi router rental service that can be used outside of Japan, has launched a new service called "esports," a game coaching site where you can receive coaching directly from professional e-sports players who are members of e-sports teams. The company has opened a game coaching site, " esports Dojo ", where you can receive coaching directly from professional e-sports players who belong to e-sports teams.

Game coaching site "esports Dojo" is now open!

esports Dojo
esports Dojo
esports Dojo

The " Shihan " who provide coaching on the game coaching site "esports Dojo" are all professional e-sports players who belong to professional teams.
Players such as " Icicle," formed in May 2016, and " C-VA KAGOSHIMA," based in Kagoshima Prefecture, will provide direct online coaching.
In addition to being able to nominate professional e-sports players for instruction, players can also select an e-sports team to receive instruction.
In addition, "esports Dojo" uses a unique system that requires no personal information to be disclosed from the time a coach is matched until the coaching session is complete.
Even if you are worried about communicating with people you do not know, "esports Dojo" makes it possible to do so with peace of mind.
The following game titles are currently available for training.

  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Shadowverse
  • League of Legends

At "esports Dojo," gamers will not only learn professional-level knowledge and skills, but will also receive instruction tailored to their "aspirations.
There are two types of coaching: " Live Coaching," which allows players to receive coaching in real time, and " Video Coaching," which allows players to view comments on the coaching and advice at a later date.
The "Live Coaching" allows for real-time communication with the instructor via screen sharing, voice, or chat, so that you can have a professional e-sports player check your play while you are actually playing the game.
In the "Video Tutorial" feature, you can upload a video of yourself playing a game and share your questions and suggestions with the professional e-sports player in advance.
This is suitable for those who cannot take the time to watch live videos or those who want to learn while slowly reviewing their play.
Although membership registration to "esports Dojo" is required for all of these sites, they can also be used as a comprehensive e-sports related information site where you can view strategy videos, etc. without membership registration.
Membership registration is free per month, and until January 25, 2021 at 12:00 pm, the "Opening Memorial Campaign" will give you 500 points to use for online instruction!
If you want to hone your gaming skills, why not take this opportunity to register?
For more information, please visit the official website of "esports Dojo".


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