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Pathfinder Edition with new limited skins from Apex Legends is now available!

Apex Legendsから新たに限定スキンなどが収録されたパスファインダーエディションが発売開始!

Apex Legends, the popular free-to-play battle royale game, has long been offering exclusive skins, weapon skins, and in-game currency based on the game's legendary theme.
A new edition of the game, the " Pathfinder Edition," will go on sale on May 27, 2020.
The Pathfinder Edition is now available for Xbox one,PlayStation 4,Origin (PC), and other devices for 1,900 yen including tax.

About the "Pathfinder Edition

Hit the road to glory with the Pathfinder Edition. It includes all the essentials for a new journey. With a super cool bandana, a pair of re-trendy camo shorts, and an easy-going mindset, you'll be ready for whatever dangers lie ahead. Check out the contents below and face the dangers with a smile on your face!

Apex Legends公式サイト

Pathfinder Edition" Contents

Pathfinder Edition" includes
Apex Legends公式サイト

The Pathfinder Edition includes the following

  • Legendary Pathfinder skin "Full Metal Robot
  • Legendary Havoc skin "First Blood
  • Limited edition gun charm "Molotov Cocktail".
  • Limited edition badge "Lone Bot
  • 1,000 Apex coins (worth 1,100 yen including tax)

Don't miss out on these great editions!

The "Pathfinder Edition" includes a skin that can be used in-game as well as 1,100 yen worth of in-game currency.
The "Bloodhound Edition", "Lifeline Edition", and "Octane Edition" are also bundled with 1,100 yen worth of in-game currency. The skins included in the game are also limited.
In addition, the skins included in this series are limited edition Legendary skins, so if you like the skins, this is a very good deal for you.

A great adventure is calling you. Get your hands on flashy items and hit the battlefield!

This time, Pathfinder is the star of the show, and you can get a military-style skin equipped with an ammunition belt and bandana.
The camouflage pattern will make it less conspicuous and more convenient.
The included Havoc skin and charms that can be worn on the weapons are also military-style, so they will go well with this limited edition skin.
With a steel body, a magazine (skin), and the delightful Pathfinder, you can take on any battlefield!
Show off your skins to your allies and work together to win the battlefield.
For more information on the new Pathfinder Edition, please visit the official Apex Legends website.
If you are interested in the already released editions, check out the Apex Legends Lifeline & Bloodhound Double Pack and Octane Edition.


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32468Apex Legendsから新たに限定スキンなどが収録されたパスファインダーエディションが発売開始!
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