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Puzzle game "Dungeons and Puzzles" is now available on Steam! Twist your head and aim for the best score!


In recent years, the focus has tended to be on games with beautiful visuals, but there are plenty of games that are both classic and fun.
For example, "Dungeon and Puzzles," developed by HuMoFish Games
, has a visual style reminiscent of NES games, but its content is a gem that will make even today's gamers groan.
This time, Steam has released "Dungeon and Puzzles," and we'll take a closer look at its features and charms.

What kind of game is Dungeon and Puzzle?

ダンジョンとパズル ゲーム画面ダンジョンとパズル Steamページ

Dungeon and Puzzle is a classic Dracula-like game with characters that move vertically and horizontally. At first glance, it may seem like "just another old-school game," but Dungeons & Puzzles is anything but classic!
The most important feature of the game is that once the character starts walking, he/she cannot stop until he/she hits an obstacle, which means that the game is not as easy to complete as in the old games.
In addition to the above, each stage has a minimum number of actions, so it is not possible to clear a stage just by taking all the risks, but rather, you have to keep an eye on the game ahead.

And there are plenty of RPG elements too!

ダンジョンとパズル 装備ダンジョンとパズル Steamページ

Dungeons and puzzles are similar to puzzle games in terms of their characteristics, and some people may not like them.
For example, the game is a puzzle game, but you can switch between "sword" and "bow" equipment to deal with the puzzles. This will tickle even those who like RPGs.
The game also offers 150 puzzle stages and is currently in the process of design and UI changes, so players will be able to play for a long time without getting bored.

Now available on Steam to rave reviews.

ダンジョンとパズル ゲームステージダンジョンとパズル Steamページ

Dungeons and Puzzles has already been released on Steam and is available for immediate play.
The regular price is a very reasonable 900 yen (as of January 2021), so why not get it on the Dungeons and Puzzles Steam page?


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