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"Capcom Fighting Collection" goes on sale today! Launch commemorative distribution by "Holo Live" members will also be carried out!

「カプコン ファイティング コレクション」本日発売!ホロライブの大空スバルと姫森ルーナによる発売記念配信も!

Capcom released " Capcom Fighting Collection " today, June 24, 2022 (Friday ), which includes 10 titles selected from arcade fighting games!
In addition, a gift campaign to commemorate the release of this title, as well as a commemorative broadcast by the popular VTuber group " hololive " will be held!

Capcom Fighting Collection" goes on sale today!

カプコン ファイティング コレクションPlayStation Store

The " Capcom Fighting Collection " will include the " Street Fighter " series, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, " Hyper Street Fighter II," " Pocket Fighter," " Super Puzzle Fighter II X ", as well as the " Vampire " series, which is still loved by fans, including the first title " Vampire " and its sequels " Vampire Hunter " and "Vampire Savior". Vampire Savior " series, as well as " Cyberbots " and the first home console port of " Warzard ".
All of these games can be played online, and new features not found in the originals are also included, such as a " Museum " with over 500 artworks and 400 sounds, and a " Training " section where you can take your time practicing your character!
The game will be available for purchase starting today! Friday, June 24, 2022 The sales will start from today!

A launch trailer was also released today to coincide with the release of this title!
The trailer is filled with the charms of " Capcom Fighting Collection ", so be sure to check it out!

Product Overview
Product name Capcom Fighting Collection
Genre Fighting
CERO Rating C (for ages 15 and up)
Official website https://www.capcom-games.com/cfc/
Number of players 1~2 players
Up to 9 players can participate in the custom lobby (tentative)
Release date June 24, 2022 (Friday)
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4
Normal Edition Package version: 4,990 yen (5,489 yen including tax)
Download version: 4,536 yen (4,990 yen including tax)
Fighting Legends Pack Package version: 6,990 yen (7,689 yen including tax)
Download version: 6,355 yen (6,990 yen including tax)
Xbox One, PC (Steam)
Normal Edition Download version: 4,536 yen (4,990 yen including tax)
Fighting Legends Pack Download version: 6,355 yen (6,990 yen including tax)

Capcom Fighting Collection" Attractions

Includes 10 titles selected from the fighting games that have been a hit in video game arcades.

選りすぐりの10タイトルを収録PR TIMES

In addition to " Street Fighter," " Vampire " and other popular arcade games, " Cyber Bots " and " Warzard," the first home console port, are also included. The collection includes a rich variety of 10 titles!
This is a great lineup for those who played Capcom games in arcades back in the day, as well as for those who want to try Capcom's competitive games for the first time!

All titles can be played online!

オンライン対戦PR TIMES

All titles in this title allow you to play online!
There are three types of matches: " Casual Match," in which you can play casually; "Ranked Match," in which your ranking changes based on the points you get from your wins and losses; and " Custom Match," in which you can create a lobby and enjoy playing and watching matches together with everyone.
Whether you want to play casually with friends or compete with strangers, there is an online matchup to suit your needs!

The "Museum" contains over 500 artworks and 400 sound tracks!

ミュージアムPR TIMES

The " Museum " mode allows you to browse the development materials and art of each title in the collection!
You can browse a huge gallery of over 500 items, including previously unreleased character roughs, game proposals, poster visuals, instrumental cards, and more!
In addition, a " Sound Player " with over 400 original arcade tracks is also included!
You can also enjoy the museum while waiting for online matches!

The arcade version of the game is packed with useful new features not found in the original!

The "Training" feature allows you to practice your character at your own pace, the "Fighter Award" is a motivating element, and the "Filter" allows you to customize the screen to your liking. There are many features that were not available in the original game!
Here are some of the new features!

Training Mode

トレーニングモードPR TIMES

This is a training mode where you can practice special moves and combos.
It can be used by beginners and advanced players alike.
Practice repeatedly and stand out from your rivals!



A wide variety of achievements are available, from simple challenges to challenging ones.
Play through all the titles in the collection to complete them!

Screen Customization

画面のカスタマズPR TIMES

In this title, you can customize the screen size and filters.
Depending on the settings, you may even be able to recreate the atmosphere of the arcade games of the time...?

Customize Button Layout

ボタン配置のカスタマイズPR TIMES

You can also customize the placement of buttons.
It is difficult to input commands! For those who find it difficult to input commands, it is possible to set the special move to be performed with a single button press.
Note that one-button special moves are not available in ranked matches!

And many more useful new features!

In addition to the above new features, you can save and load games at any time, change the game difficulty and speed, and many other useful new features to enhance your game play!
Take advantage of these new features and enjoy " Capcom Fighting Collection " to the fullest!

The "Street Fighter" 35th anniversary website is now open!

"ストリートファイター"35周年記念サイトPR TIMES

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the first " Street Fighter " game in the series!
To commemorate this, the "Street Fighter 35th Anniversary Site " opened today, June 24!
The site will feature congratulatory comments from those involved, newly drawn illustrations commemorating the 35th anniversary, the history of Street Fighter, and information on the latest events and merchandise!
Also, every other week, we'll be soliciting Street Fighter-related themes!
A participatory campaign will also be launched where you can write your thoughts on a comment card and post it on Twitter with the designated hashtag, and a comment card will be added to the commemorative site once a week!

Launch Commemorative Present Campaign!

発売記念プレゼントキャンペーンPR TIMES

A gift campaign to commemorate the release of " Capcom Fighting Collection " will be held!
From June 24 (Fri.) to June 27 (Mon. ), 50 people will be selected by lottery by following the official "StreetFighter" Twitter account(@StreetFighterJA ) and retweeting the campaign tweet that is tweeted once daily. Card Pay 1000yen " to 50 lucky winners every day!
In addition, all campaign participants will receive one digital wallpaper from a total of 10 types at random, so be sure to try every day during the campaign period!
For more details about the campaign, please check the official page.

Campaign Outline
Campaign Period June 24, 2022 (Fri) - June 28, 2022 (Tue) 23:59
Prizes QUO Card Pay 1,000 yen for "Capcom Fighting Collection" design
Digital wallpaper (10 types in total)
Number of QUO Card Pay winners Total 200 winners (4 drawings, 50 winners each time)

Commemorative distribution by "SUBARU OHZORA" and "Luna HIMEMORI" from "hololive"!


Two members of the popular female VTuber group " hololive ", "Subaru Ozora " and " Luna Him emori", will be broadcasting a live stream to commemorate the release of the " Capcom Fighting Collection "!
The streaming will be held on the YouTube channels " Subaru Ch. Ozora " and " Luna Ch. Hime-mori Luna " from 8 p.m. on June 24 (Friday), so be sure to tune in in real time!


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