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Konami enters "Oculus"! Band performance in VR! Konami's new music game "BEAT ARENA" will be released!

コナミが「Oculus」へ参入!VRでバンド演奏!コナミの新作音楽ゲーム「BEAT ARENA」発売決定!

Konami, well-known for its music game series "BEMANI", has announced that the VR band performance game "BEAT AR ENA" will be released on March 12, 2021 (Friday)!
At the same time, the official "BEAT ARENA" website has opened and a trailer video has been released for the first time!

Play with your favorite instrument from 4 types of instruments!

Players enter a VR space and play instruments as if they were performing in a live venue.
Four types of instruments are available: drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards!

Drums -Drums

Drums -ドラム-
Drums -Drums
ドラム ゲームプレイ
Drums Gameplay

Play drums by swinging the stick.
Reminiscent of "DrumMania" from Konami's music game "GITADORA".


Guitar -ギター-
ギター ゲームプレイ
Guitar Gameplay

You press the neck of the corresponding colored part of the guitar while stroking with the other hand.
This is similar to "GuitarFreaks".

Bass -Bass

Bass -ベース-
Bass -Bass
ベース ゲームプレイ
Bass Gameplay

Like the guitar, the bass player holds down the neck while stroking.


Keyboard -キーボード-
Keyboard - Keyboard
キーボード ゲームプレイ
Keyboard Gameplay

Play the keyboard keys corresponding to the markers.
It seems to be similar to "NOSTALGIA," a music game of the same company.

Includes many songs from the "BEMANI" series!

"BEAT ARENA"収録楽曲の一部
Some of the songs included in "BEAT ARENA

In addition to the songs shown in the image, more than 20 songs will be included in the game, including original BEAT ARENA songs and songs from the BEMANI series that are well-known in game arcades nationwide, such as " Rin to shimasu hana no yoku " and "Oboro"!
More songs will be added through updates after the release of the game!
You can check the list of songs to be included on the "BEAT ARENA" official website's song list page.

There are plenty of ways to play the game that only a VR game can offer!

There are many ways to play the game that only a game that puts you in the VR space can offer!

Original Avatar


A wide variety of parts and detailed coloring adjustment are available.
You can create a wide range of styles, from casual looking to darker

visuals, and form a unique band with your friends!

Crossover time session


Play data can be shared with friends to enjoy sessions that transcend time!
Enhance the sense of unity with the members and the audience to liven up the venue!

Replay Mode Lyrics Display/Tambourine


Replays of sessions can be viewed from various perspectives, including "live camera mode" and "performance mode.
You can also turn on the lyrics display for songs with lyrics for a vocal-like experience, or use the tambourine as an instrument to liven things up!

Compatible hardware is Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest2
Oculus Quest2
Amazon"Oculus Quest2"製品ページ

To play "BEAT ARENA," you will need the VR headset device "Oculus Quest2 " or the original "Oculus Quest.
The "Oculus Quest2" can be purchased from the official Oculus Quest page starting at 37,100 yen (tax included).
In addition to "BEAT ARENA," you will be able to play a wide variety of other games, so why not take this opportunity to make your VR debut?
For details on "BEAT ARENA," please visit the official "BEAT ARENA" website.
For details on the "Oculus Quest2" VR headset device, please refer to the official Oculus Quest page.

Title Outline
Manufacturer KONAMI ( https://www.konami.com/games/jp/ja/ )
Genre VR band performance game
Suggested Retail Price 2,990 yen (including tax)
Release date March 12, 2021 (Friday)
Number of players 1 player
Supported hardware Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2
Language Japanese/English
Official website https://www.konami.com/games/uuddlrlr-beatarena/jp/ja/


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