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Nitroplus original new smartphone RPG "Bloom Arsnotria" released!


A new smartphone RPG " Sakuu Ar s Notria" (Warau Ars Notria), originally created by Nitroplus, was released on March 4, 2021 (Thursday) on the App Store and Google Play.

RPG in search of true magic

Ars Notoria" was created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nitroplus.
The genre of this title is "RPG in search of real magic.

Ars Notria" is an RPG that searches for true magic.
The story is that "you" (the player), who has lost most of your memories, arrive at "Ashram," a magical academy city that cannot be seen by others due to an "invisible mark," and learn and live there. The game begins with the player becoming a teacher of the "

Pentagrams," girls who study and live there.

咲うアルスノトリア ゲームシステム
Blooming Ars Notoria Game System

In the training part, the Pentagrams learn skills and characteristics.
In the battle part, you instruct the Pentagrams to activate "secret arts" and equipment items called "sigils" to fight battles.
In the adventure part, you will unravel the story of a world shrouded in mystery.

Release Campaign!

Release Commemoration Campaign

A special campaign to celebrate the release of the game is now underway!
Take this opportunity to experience the unique world view presented by Nitroplus.

11 daily login campaign for 7 days

11 times daily login campaign for 7 days

Period: March 4, 2021 (Thursday) -

Log-in campaign to receive "Philosopher's Stone" for a total of 77 gacha (77 rounds of gacha) in 7 days!

Release Commemorative Pick-up Gacha

リリース記念 ピックアップ迎典
Release commemorative pickup welcome

Period: March 4, 2021 (Thu) - March 11, 2021 (Thu) 13:59

Healer "Little Albert" and ★5 Recovery Sisil "Follow the Scent to the One You Love" will appear as pickups in the gacha!

Release Commemoration Limited Pack Sale

リリース記念 限定パック販売
Release commemorative limited packs on sale

Period: March 4, 2021 (Thursday) -

Commemorative packs containing Philosopher's Stone (paid) and strengthening materials are available in the store for a limited time only!
*The packs are available in XS, S, M, L, and XL, each with a limited number of purchases.

400,000 pre-registrations have been received!

Pre-registration reaches 400,000 players!

The following in-game items will be given as rewards for reaching 400,000 pre-registered users!

  • 50 Sage Stones (for 11 gacha)
  • Sisil "In the garden at your own pace" x 1
  • Sisil "Albert Sisters in the Bath" x 1
  • Sisil "Fraying Flowers in the Gingko Forest"×1
  • Sisil "Forbidden stairs"×1
  • Sisil "Gold and cat's paws"×1

Release Memorial Present Campaign is now underway!

From March 4, 2021 (Thu) to March 11, 2021 (Thu), the official Twitter account of Blooming Ars Notria is holding a daily drawing for a 10,000 yen gift code for one lucky winner!


App Store & iTunes Gift Code or Google Play Gift Code worth 10,000 yen
Please choose one of the two after you win.

How to apply
  • Follow @Arsnotoria_GAME official Twitter account
  • Retweet the campaign tweets posted every day during the period to complete the application.

For details, please check the release commemorative present campaign page.

Outline of the title
Title Name Bloom Ars Notoria
Genre RPG in search of true magic
Original story Nitroplus ( https://www.nitroplus.co.jp/ )
Distributed by Good Smile Company ( https://www.goodsmile.info/ )
Developed and managed by NextNinja ( https://nextninja.net/ )

OS・ iOS 10.0 or later ( App Store )
Android 7.0 or later ( Google Play )
Official website https://arsnotoria.jp/


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