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ZoNe appearance of zero calories! Digital Performance Energy "ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver.1.0.0" released!

カロリーゼロのZONe登場!デジタルパフォーマンスエナジー「ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver.1.0.0」発売!

Digital Performance Energy " ZONe ", a new domestic energy drink star in the energy drink world
There are currently three types of ZONe on the market: the black " ZONe Ver. 1.3.9," the red " ZONe FIREWALL Ver. 1.0.0," and the blue " ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver. 1.0.0," which was added this fall and has a lactic drink taste. The flavor and design variations will continue to increase in the future.
Just when you thought there would be more flavor and design variations in the future, along comes a new product!
And this time it's zero calories! ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver. " has been announced!

ZONe ZERO Ver. 1.0.0 with zero calories!

ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver.1.0.0
ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver. 1.0.0
デジタルパフォーマンスエナジー ZONe(ゾーン)公式サイト

After black, red, and blue, I was wondering what color the next color would be, but "ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver. 1.0.0" has a mechanical design with silver as its base color.
In addition, the ZONe logo, which used to be white and bright, is now black for the first time. It looks like it has fallen into darkness, but this is cool too!
And the best feature of all is that it has zero calories!
Energy drinks are usually doused in sugar, and in fact, the calories and sugar content per bottle in the ZONe series up until now have been about the same as those of regular colas.
I would have preferred to avoid drinking ZONe every day if I were health conscious, but I can't help but drink ZONe because of its satisfying taste and quantity.
The fact that ZONe will now be available in a zero-calorie form is truly good news!

Zero-calorie beverages often taste like "this is not what I want...", but how about ZONe?
I'll have to buy it the moment it goes on sale to find out!
ZONe ZERO Ver. 1.0.0 will be released on December 8, 2020 (Tuesday ) at a price of around 190 yen and 500 ml capacity.
Of course, funglr Games will be bringing you a review of the product, so stay tuned!

Campaign for a free bottle of ZONe!

ZONe 無料引き換えキャンペーン_12月 第1弾セブン-イレブン
ZONe Free Redemption Campaign_December 1st Seven-Eleven
デジタルパフォーマンスエナジー ZONe(ゾーン)公式サイト

In conjunction with the release of "ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver. 1.0.0", you can get a free bottle of either "ZONe Ver. 1.3.9" or "ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver. 1.0.0". Campaign!
From December 1, 2020 (Tue.) to December 14, 2020 (Mon. ), customers will receive a " ZONe 1 free bottle voucher " to be used at 7-Eleven stores when they purchase eligible products at 7-Eleven stores.
Eligible products are

  • Amazon gift certificate
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Netflix Card Variable
  • U-NEXT card 30 days unlimited viewing + 1,200 points

These are the four types of gift cards.
When you purchase one of these gift cards, a "free voucher" will be printed on your receipt, so don't forget to pick up your receipt!
The voucher cannot be used right away because the voucher will be available from December 15, 2020 (Tuesday) to December 28, 2020 (Monday).
Make sure to keep your free vouchers until the exchange period!
For more information about the campaign, please visit the official ZONe website.


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Long-awaited new product "ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver.1.0.0" release decision! Collaborat...

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