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A new flavor for the summer of 2022, ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6, will be released on May 10th!

2022年夏に向けた新フレーバー「ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6」が5月10日発売!

The Golden Week holidays of 2022, when some people had up to 10 consecutive holidays, are coming to an end, and many people will have returned to their daily lives.
And just when you think the pollen has passed, more and more people will develop May illness. What a mess!
Everyday life can make you tired, but when you need to work harder, energy drinks can help you.
Various energy drinks are being sold by various companies in various flavors, and as the weather gets hotter and hotter, we can expect to see more flavors for the summer season.
The first to take the lead in the energy drink world in 2022 is Unlimited Performance Energy "ZONe "!
The cool new flavor " ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6 " is now available!

A new flavor that is beyond cool, it's freezing!

ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6
ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6
ZONe Energy公式Twitter

ZONe's new flavor "ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6" has been announced, with a release date of May 10, 2022 (Tuesday )!
The flavor that has been talked about on SNS for some time has now been officially announced. The flavor that has been talked about on social networking sites for a long time has now been officially announced and will go on sale.
As the name suggests, the cool package design is reminiscent of a cold sleep, and the well-known ZONe version is "Ver.-1.9.6," which is a stylish minus sign.
At the time of this writing, the product information has not been released on the official website, so we do not know the detailed ingredients, but the " 18% fruit juice " on the package suggests that it will be a fairly fruity flavor.
Along with the announcement, a new drawing by popular illustrator LAM(@ramdayo1122) of official ambassador NONKO(@zone_eculture ), " COLD SLEEP Z onko," which is super cool and beautiful, has also been released.
Get your copy of ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6 to see what flavor "COLD SLEEP Zonko" is supposed to be!
For more information about Unlimited Performance Energy "ZONe", please visit the official website!


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