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A gaming chair with zero cyber-feel! Gentle coloring that fits in with your interior design


With the new Corona disaster causing a growing demand for nest eggs, we understand that some gamers are spending their time at home playing games.
The most important thing for a comfortable gaming life is a chair that supports you, but gaming chairs are all black, making it difficult to match them with your interior design. Have you ever thought that?
Well, we have good news for those people!
Yamasolo Inc. has started accepting reservations for a casually designed gaming chair with white parts as its base color.
This time, we would like to introduce PROST, a gaming za-chair that offers a coloring model with zero cyber-feel that fits in with a variety of interiors!

Light-toned seat with white parts

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-02PR TIMES

When you think of gaming chairs, don't you have an image of models based on black, such as black and red, black and blue, or black and green?
While black has the advantage of not showing dirt easily, it is also a coloring that tends to stand out from the interior design.

The PROST gaming chair is a white-based model, the opposite of black, with a light-toned seat and white parts.
It is the perfect unit for a room with a white or natural interior based on white.

High-back seat that reclines up to 135 degrees

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-03PR TIMES

As a gaming chair, it is of course equipped with a reclining function.
The seat can be reclined up to 135 degrees using the lever next to the seat on the right hand side.

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-04PR TIMES

The main unit is a bucket-type high-back seat.
Playing games or watching movies tends to cause fatigue, so together with the reclining function, you can relax & refresh yourself!

360-degree swivel as well as 2D armrests

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-05PR TIMES

The circular base that supports the main body of the gaming chair swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to stand and sit without moving the gaming chair.
It can also swivel while reclining, so we recommend putting the recliner back before using the seat when you swivel the seat!

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-06PR TIMES

In addition, the armrests on the PROST gaming seating chair are equipped with 2D movable armrests that can not only be raised and lowered in seven different positions, but can also be moved in three directions to the left and right.
The ability to customize the armrests to your own preference makes it attractive for use in any situation or style of play.

Breathable mesh fabric

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-07PR TIMES

Breathability is an important factor for people who play games for long periods of time or are devoted to their hobbies.
Leather-type gaming chairs often cause the back and buttocks to become stuffy.
The PROST gaming chair uses breathable mesh fabric in the areas that are in close contact with the body, making it comfortable all year round.

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-09PR TIMES

In addition to the main seat, the head cushion for neck support and the lumbar support for reducing the burden on the lower back are also made of the same breathable mesh fabric.

Color variations


The PROST gaming chair is available in two color variations, "latte beige " and " ice gray.
The latte beige color is warmer and the ice gray color is cooler, so if you choose one that matches your room's interior, it will be one that fits in better with your interior.

We can recommend the PROST gaming chair PROST for men as well as women, as it offers comfort and functionality, but comes in a variety of colors that will fit in with your room without a cyber feel.
If you're considering buying a gaming za-cha, but want to keep both functionality and décor in mind, this is the perfect choice for you!
It is available at Amazon.co.jp, Rakuten Ichiba, andYahoo Shopping, so please check them out if you are interested!

yamasoro-gamingchair-prost-12PR TIMES
Gaming Chair PROST
Size (Approx.) Width 67.5 x Depth 60-101 x Height 81.5-100 cm
Weight (Approx.) 16kg
Material Plywood, metal, urethane foam, polypropylene/polyurethane, (upholstery material: polyester)
Price 20,780 yen (tax included)
Price is subject to change due to campaigns, etc.


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