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A new assassin in gaming furniture! Yamada Denki announces "Game Kotatsu"! ※It does not shine.


PCs, mice and keyboards. In addition to standard devices such as displays and headsets, everything from futons and pillows to LAN cables and finger sacks are now being made into gaming products.
Most of these products are designed and functional for gamers, and will help you enjoy a comfortable gaming life.
Since almost everything is now gaming, we thought that there would be no more new products for gaming, but now a new product has been announced that is a gaming version of an essential piece of furniture for Japanese winter!

A kotatsu that makes it easy to play analog games


Yamada Denki, a nationwide electronics retailer, has announced a " game kotatsu " that makes playing card games, board games, and other games more fun.
I had thought that it would be a glowing, RGB-lighting-compatible device, but it is not for that type of game.
That said, it is a very useful kotatsu for playing card games and board games.
A card slot is located on the edge of the 75cm x 75cm square top panel, preventing you from accidentally dropping a card in your hand and having your opponent see it.
It is also nice to be able to stand cards up in the card slot so that both hands are free.
A chip folder is located next to the card slot, which is convenient for games using chips.
The top panel is made of velour fabric, which is not only pleasant to the touch but also easy to handle cards. It is also good for mahjong.
There is also a storage space under the top panel, so you can store your cards and chips away and not worry about forgetting where you put them.
If you turn it over, it becomes a normal top panel, so you can use it as a regular kotatsu when you are not playing games.


Let's play games as a family this winter!

The "Game Kotatsu" will go on sale in mid-October 2021. The price will be 16,280 yen (tax included ).
It can be purchased through Yamada Denki's official e-commerce site, YamadaWeb.com.
Depending on the delivery area, the status is " on order, " which is indicated when the product is low in stock at all Yamada Denki stores, so it may be better for those who are considering ordering to inquire about the delivery date.
Due to the current situation, many people have not been able to return to their parents' homes or get together with their relatives for a while now.
However, the situation is gradually improving, so why don't you enjoy playing games with your family around a "game kotatsu" this New Year's?
For details and ordering, please check Yamada Web.com!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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