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Just connect and the sound ranks up! Gaming External USB Card Xtrfy "SC1" Released!

ただ繋ぐだけでサウンドがランクアップ!ゲーミング外付けUSBカード Xtrfy「SC1」発売!

One very important element in a game is sound.
From powerful sound effects to background music that creates atmosphere, detailed environmental sounds, etc., sound not only expresses the game's worldview, but also often influences the gameplay.
However, the definition of "good sound" is difficult to define because it depends on a variety of factors, including the format and capacity of the original data, the performance of the sound card in the PC or game console, and the performance of the playback equipment, such as amplifiers and speakers. It is difficult to define "good sound.
The quality of the cables and whether or not an amplifier is used also affect the sound quality.
So it is not true that you need to have money and knowledge to pursue "good sound". There are items that can improve sound quality just by connecting them!
Xtrfy, a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer well known for its meatless mice, has introduced the SC1, an external USB card for gaming!


Just plug it in and enjoy up to 96kHz/24bit sound!

Xtrfy's "SC1" is a gaming external USB sound card that fits between your headset and PC or game console.
It is an item that allows you to upgrade the sound of your favorite headset without having to replace the headset itself.
It is very easy to use.
Simply connect the 3.5mm plug of your headset to the "SC1" and connect the USB port of the "SC1" to your PC or game console.
No need for detailed settings! Just connect the "SC1" to your PC or game console, and it will support a maximum output sampling rate of 96kHz/24bit.
The 96kHz/24bit output sampling rate may not sound like much, but it is roughly equivalent to high-resolution audio playback.
The sound is so clear that individual sounds can be heard clearly, making it easier to hear footsteps in FPS games, for example.
The main body of the "SC1" measures 28 x 46 x 12 mm, about one-third the size of a wallet card.
Although it is not something you would actually carry in your wallet because of its thickness, it is convenient for taking with you to offline events, and it is also small enough not to get in the way even if it is permanently installed in your home environment.

Xtrfy "SC1
Boost your gaming audio with the Xtrfy SC1

Now on sale at a price that makes it easy to install!

Xtrfy "SC1" is currently on sale for 5,005 yen (tax included).
It can be purchased at the official Xtrfy Japan store, Xtrfy stores, and EC stores.
Audio systems tend to be complex, with many settings being able to be configured in great detail.
The "SC1" is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand product that allows you to obtain a maximum output sampling rate of 96kHz/24bit without the need for detailed settings just by plugging it in.
The price is also very reasonable, so if you have not introduced any audio equipment before, why not try it as a first step?
For details, please refer to the Xtrfy "SC1" product page.

Connection USB plug-and-play
Port Headphone output 3.5mm, Microphone 3.5mm
Compatibility PC, MAC, PS4
OS Compatible with Windows Vista or later, Mac OS 10.14 or later
Output sampling rate Max. 96kHz/24bit
Dimensions 28 x 46 x 12 mm
Surface treatment Matte texture
Length including cable 235 mm
Weight 18 g
Warranty 1 year (in Japan)


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