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The ultra-light and symmetrical gaming mouse "M42 RGB" is released from gaming device manufacturer Xtrfy! Size adjustment by shell replacement is also possible!

ゲーミングデバイスメーカーXtrfyから超軽量かつ左右対称のゲーミングマウス「M42 RGB」が発売!シェル交換によるサイズ調整も可能!

Xtrfy " is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer that continues to create high-end e-sports equipment that goes beyond gaming devices.
The " K4 " red-axis mechanical keyboard and the " GP4 " mouse pad, both created as part of the Project4 series, are cost-effective products with Xtrfy's unique perspective and beliefs.
The newest addition to the Project4 series, the " M42 RGB Ambidextrous Symmetrical Lightweight Gaming Mouse " was released on Friday, December 18, 2020!

グラフィティアートをイメージしたデザインが特徴的なゲーミングマウスパッド Xtrfy「GP4」発売

Ultra lightweight, adjustable and symmetrical gaming mouse!

The M42 is characterized by its lightness!
The honeycomb-like structure of the mouse, which is also known as a " meatless" mouse, is the ultimate in lightweight design.
Weighing only 59 grams, the M42 is one of the lightest mice among those that claim to be lightweight.
It also comes with interchangeable shells, so you can customize it to fit your hand!
The author recently bought a symmetrical mouse, and it is very comfortable in the hand because it has no quirks.

Two interchangeable sizes included

The colors are in the same family as other Project 4 series products

  • Black
  • White
  • Retro
  • Miami Blue
  • Pink

There are 5 different colors to choose from!
You can choose a color in the same family as the GP4 Mouse Pad, B4 Mouse Bungee, and K4 Keyboard, or you can choose a different color for accent!
Please note that the price changes depending on the color.

5 cool-looking designs

The era of the lightweight mouse is coming!

It is no exaggeration to say that the mouse is the most important device in PC gaming.
Especially for low-sensitivity players, you are always facing fatigue in your arms and wrists.
A lightweight mouse for you!
Check the weight of the mouse you use and you will see the greatness of "M42".
For more information about the product, please visit Xtrfy's official website or follow us on Twitter.

Product Overview
Product name M42 RGB
Color Black, White, Retro, Miami Blue, Pink
Sensor Optical Pixart 3389
LED Illumination Adjustable RGB
Weight 59g (excluding cable)
Main switch Omron 20M(OF)
Cable Xtrfy EZcord
Mouse sole PTFE (Teflon sole)
Surface treatment UV coating
CPI setting 400-16000
Polling rate setting 125/500/1000Hz
IPS 400
Maximum acceleration 50G
Connection USB
Supported OS Win XP or later, Mac OSX 10.1 or later
Warranty 1 year (in Japan)


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Gaming device manufacturer Xtrfy's limited color "STREET" of "meat-pulling mouse" "M4" will be released in Japan!
Gaming device manufacturer Xtrfy's limited color "STREET" of "meat-pulling ...

When saying a pronoun of a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer "Xtrfy (Aix chicken-fy)", it'll be a mouse without common name meat "M4". I