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Finally, a wireless model appears in Xtrfy's popular meat-pulling mouse "M4"! Japan release decision!


Xtrfy " is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer that continues to create high-end e-sports equipment that goes beyond gaming devices.
The " M4", "M42", and "MZ1", lightweight mice with a hole in the body, are synonymous with the company.
Other manufacturers have also released lightweight mice with holes in the body, but many people think of Xtrfy when they think of a mouse with this look.
Although the Xtrfy meatless mouse is extremely popular and has many users, the lineup so far has been limited to wired models.
For those of you who were interested in Xtrfy but hesitated because you are wireless users, here it is!
The popular "M4" is now available in a wireless model! It is now available in Japan!


Wireless model with high accuracy and ultra-light weight!

The "Xtrfy" M4 WIRELESS is a wireless version of the iconic "M4", one of the most iconic meatless mice in the world.
Many people are concerned about latency when it comes to wireless, but it was a long time ago that latency was a concern.
The response speed of modern wireless mice is comparable to that of a wired connection.
The M4 WIRELESS uses 2.4GHz lag-free wireless technology, which delivers a polling rate of 1,000Hz and a response time of 1ms.

"M4 WIRELESS"製品ページ

In addition to the popular original ergonomic shape of the "M4" for the right hand, two interchangeable shell sizes are included.
The shells can be fitted to match your hand size and grip style for an even more comfortable grip.

"M4 WIRELESS"製品ページ

The wired "M4" was attractive because of its ultra-light weight of 69g (excluding the cable), but there is a concern that the wireless version will be heavier.
The "M4 WIRELESS" is wireless, yet it achieves an ultra-lightweight body of only 71g, so those who are currently using the wired "M4" can also switch without any discomfort.
In addition, the weight distribution can be adjusted, so the center of gravity can be set to match your grip style and playing style.

"M4 WIRELESS"製品ページ

Another concern with wireless is battery life.
The more you concentrate on gameplay, distribution, etc., the more you tend to put the mouse's battery life out of your mind.
The M4 WIRELESS has a long battery life of up to 75 hours of gameplay on a full charge, so you can keep using it for about three days.
After 75 hours, you will probably take a break at least once, so don't forget to recharge the battery at that time.
If the battery runs out during use, the Xtrfy EZ-Cord Pro charging cable is included, so you can continue to use the mouse while charging it.

"M4 WIRELESS"製品ページ

The performance of the mouse itself has also been slightly modified from the "M4" to optimize its wireless performance.
The sensor is a Pixart 3370 sensor that delivers high accuracy even in wireless mode. The switches are Kailh GM 8.0 switches that can withstand 80 million clicks and are operated by an ARM 32-bit microcontroller.
The result is a wireless-optimized mouse with the same high precision as the M4.

"M4 WIRELESS"製品ページ

The M4 WIRELESS is also fully configurable without the need for software, which is another attraction of Xtrfy mice.
The M4 WIRELESS allows the user to adjust everything from RGB effects, color, and brightness to CPI, polling rate, lift-off distance, and debounce time, all at the touch of a button or switch on the mouse itself.

"M4 WIRELESS"製品ページ

The detailed settings may seem difficult to operate, but rest assured that while there are many settings available, each one is easy to operate.
A video showing the various adjustment methods has been released, so let's try adjusting the settings with reference to the video!

To be released in Japan on January 29!

Xtrfy "M4 WIRELESS" will be released in Japan on January 29, 2022!
It will be available in two colors, black and white, both priced at 12,727 yen (tax included).
The product is currently available for pre-order at Xtrfy JAPAN's official EC store.
Although there is a limit of one per person, we believe that existing M4 users as well as wireless users who have been waiting for the release of the wireless model will be eager to purchase this wireless model of the popular "M4".
Depending on the situation, reservations may end early, or the product may run out of stock soon after its release, so if you want to be sure of getting one, make your reservation as soon as possible!
For more details, please check the "M4 WIRELESS" product page on the official Xtrfy website!

Shape Adjustable ergonomic shape for right hand
Sensor Pixart 3370 optical gaming sensor
LED Illumination Adjustable RGB LED
Weight 71g (excl. cable)
Main Switch Kailh GM 8.0
Mouse sole PTFE (Teflon sole)
Surface treatment Matte-textured
Connection 2.4GHz wireless / USB
Connector USB-A to USB-C cable + adapter + dongle
Cable Type 1.8 m Xtrfy EZcord Pro
Battery 500 mA (up to 75 hours *depends on usage)
CPI setting 400 to 19000
Polling rate setting 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Debounce 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 ms (4 ms or more is recommended and guaranteed)
IPS 400
Maximum acceleration 50 G
Supported OS Win XP or later, Mac OSX 10.1 or later
Warranty 1 year (in Japan)


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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