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Gaming device manufacturer Xtrfy's limited color "STREET" of "meat-pulling mouse" "M4" will be released in Japan!


Xtrfy " is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer.
Xtrfy is popular for its high-end performance and unique designs, such as the " K4 " gaming keyboard and the " GP4 " gaming mouse pad, which were born from the " PROJECT 4 " project launched with the aim of developing completely new devices.
However, Xtrfy's most famous product is the "M4", aka the "Meatless Mouse ".
The M4 is loved by many gamers for its ergonomically designed shape and unique design with countless holes.
The "M4" is now available in a new color, the limited edition "STREET"! It will be available in Japan as well!

グラフィティアートをイメージしたデザインが特徴的なゲーミングマウスパッド Xtrfy「GP4」発売

High performance and cool design

The M4 " STREET " is a limited edition color of the M4.
The coloring is inspired by urban life and sneaker culture, with a two-tone black and white body, red and green buttons, and blue cords.
Of course, it is equipped with RGB lighting, so you can express your own individuality by adding color to the cool design with lighting.
The performance is the same as the world-renowned "M4", so you don't have to worry about anything.

Xtrfy"M4 RGB STREET"製品ページ
Xtrfy "M4 RGB STREET" Specifications
Shape Right-handed, ergonomic, patent pending
Sensor Optical Pixart 3389
LED Illumination Adjustable RGB
Weight 69g (excluding cable)
Main Switch Omron 20M(OF)
Cable 1.8 m Xtrfy EZcord
Mouse sole PTFE (Teflon sole)
Surface treatment UV coating
CPI setting 400/800/1200/1600/3200/4000/7200/16000
Polling rate setting 125/500/1000 Hz
IPS 400
Maximum acceleration 50 G
Connection USB
Supported OS Win XP or later, Mac OSX 10.1 or later
Warranty 1 year (in Japan)

Limited to 4000 worldwide! Hurry!

Xtrfy "M4 RGB STREET" will be released in Japan on September 17, 2020 for 9,090 yen (excluding tax ).
The "STREET" will be a one-time-only limited edition! Limited to 4,000 pieces worldwide! Once they are gone, you can't get them anymore!
Each piece will be numbered, so you will know how many pieces you have received.
Some stores are already out of stock, so pre-order as soon as you find one!
For more information, please check the Xtrfy "M4 RGB STREET" product page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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