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The Xtrfy "K5 COMPACT RGB", a small gaming keyboard with a mechanical switch that can be hot swapped, will be released in Japan!

メカニカルスイッチがホットスワップ可能な小型ゲーミングキーボード Xtrfy「K5 COMPACT RGB」が日本発売決定!

Xtrfy " is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer that continues to produce high-end e-sports equipment that goes beyond gaming devices.
The lightweight gaming mice "M4", "M42", and "MZ1", also known as " Meatless Mice ", are very popular. The "M4", "M42", and "MZ1" are particularly popular.
The "K2", "K3", and "K4" gaming keyboards are also very popular around the world, but the key layout is a "UK layout ", which is not so familiar in Japan.
Since keyboards are used not only for games but also for daily PC operations, it is difficult to use a keyboard without a familiar key layout, and many people may be interested in using a keyboard but have been unable to get their hands on one.
Here is a good news for all of you!
Xtrfy is releasing a long-awaited new keyboard with US keyboard layout!

Xtrfyのゲーミングキーボード「K4 TKL」に新色のホワイトとレトロが登場!

The smallest and best Xtrfy keyboard ever!

Xtfry's 5th generation keyboard " K5 COMPACT RGB " is now available in Japan.
As you can see from its appearance, it is a small keyboard without numeric keypad or function keys, and is 65% the size of its predecessors.
The key layout is the " US layout ( 67 keys)" which is popular among Japanese users. The Xtrfy is a favorite among gamers as well as web designers and programmers.
The Xtrfy keyboard is highly reputed, so all hurdles have been cleared for those who have been put off by the key layout problem.

Xtrfy"K5 COMPACT RGB"製品ページ

The keyswitches are equipped by default with Kailh Red mechanical key switches, which are popular for their light touch, responsiveness, and durability.
The reason we say "by default" is that the K5 COMPACT RGB has hot-swappable mechanical switches that can be replaced with compatible MX-style switches without the need for soldering!
You can replace only the key switches that have gone bad, so you can use it for a long time, and you can also change the switch for each key, so you can find the keyboard that feels the best to you.

Xtrfy "K5 COMPACT RGB" Xtrfy"K5 COMPACT RGB"製品ページ

Of course, the performance of the keyboard has also evolved.
The K5 COMPACT RGB is equipped with "Super Scan Technology" that scans all keys every 0.5ms.
This makes it the fastest keyboard ever, surpassing the previous Xtfry model, which was the talk of the town as the fastest gaming keyboard.

Xtrfy "K5 COMPACT RGB" Xtrfy"K5 COMPACT RGB"製品ページ

Xtfry mice and keyboards are also famous for their beautiful RGB lighting.
While Xtrfy's previous products have been great, the new generation "K5 COMPACT RGB" takes RGB to the next level.
The customizable RGB lineup can be set on the keyboard itself, without the need for software, giving you the best RGB experience possible.

Xtrfy "K5 COMPACT RGB" Xtrfy"K5 COMPACT RGB"製品ページ

The keyboard frame is detachable and can be removed to transform the keyboard into a floating keyboard. The keyboard frame is removable, and can be converted into a floating keyboard for even more direct line writing.
The floating keyboard is also easy to clean, so it is good to use the keyboard with the frame attached for everyday use and remove it for daily cleaning.

Xtrfy "K5 COMPACT RGB" Xtrfy"K5 COMPACT RGB"製品ページ

Various areas have been reviewed in order to reach the quality level of the new generation.
"K5 COMPACT RGB" has a metal plate construction,two layers of sound-absorbing foam, andhand-rubbed high-quality PCB mounting stabilizers, making it Xtrfy's best keyboard ever.

Coming to Japan on May 13th!

The K5 COMPACT RGB will be available in Japan on Friday, May 13, 2022!
BLACK will be 18,447 yen (including tax) and TRANSPARENT WHITE will be 19,877 yen (including tax), and they will be available at dealers nationwide and on the official Xtrfy JAPAN EC site.
The "K5 COMPACT RGB" is now available for pre-order on the official X trfy JAPAN EC site.
The first shipment of Xtrfy's new product, the long-awaited US-array, may run out early... As I write this, the planned quantity of BLACK has already been sold out!
As of this writing, you can still pre-order the TRANSPARENT WHITE, so if you want to be sure of getting one, please hurry!
If you want to make sure you get one, please hurry!
For more information, please check the Xtrfy "K5 COMPACT RGB" product page!


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