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From Xtrfy, the large format gaming mouse pad "GP5 Litus" that catches the eye with a cool low poly design has appeared!

Xtrfyからクールなローポリデザインが目を引く大判サイズのゲーミングマウスパッド「GP5 Litus」が登場!

Xtrfy " is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer that continues to produce high-end e-sports equipment.
Xtrfy is synonymous with lightweight, high-precision mice with holes in the body, commonly known as " meatless lightweight mice ".
The recently released "M42 WIRELESS", a wireless version of the symmetrical "M42", was as popular as ever, with the number of units scheduled to be sold out at the official store at the pre-order stage.
The "M42 WIRELESS" is still out of stock at official stores, but some stores that carry it may have it in stock, so it would be a good idea to purchase it immediately when you find it.
Even if the mouse itself is high-performance, its performance will not be demonstrated unless it is used in an appropriate environment.
A mouse pad is especially important, as it is placed under the mouse to facilitate mouse operation and allow the sensor to function properly.
Xtrfy has released various types of gaming mousepads, all of which have been very popular, and the art-designed "GP4" series has just recently been restocked.
Xtrfy has just announced a new gaming mousepad , the GP5 Litus!

グラフィティアートをイメージしたデザインが特徴的なゲーミングマウスパッド Xtrfy「GP4」発売

Large Mouse Pad with Low-Poly Design

Xtrfy"GP5 Litus"
Xtrfy "GP5 Litus"
"GP5 Litus"製品ページ

Xtrfy has released the " GP5 Litus", a large-sized gaming mouse pad that is large enough to hold not only a mouse but also a keyboard.
With a width of 920mm x depth of 400mm x thickness of 3mm, the GP5 Litus covers almost the entire front half of a typical desk, so there is no need to worry about the mouse sticking out of the mousepad during operation.
The first thing that catches the eye about the GP5 Litus is its design.
The GP5 Litus is a low-polygon design with a stylish " litus " theme. The coloring is "PINK".
It is available in four colors, "PINK", "WHITE", "BLUE", and "RED ", all of which are unique in their own way, yet they are designed to fit in with any gaming environment.

"GP5 Litus"製品ページ

The surface is a high-speed cross surface.
The smooth surface is the result of know-how gained from developing mousepads for professional players, and is a good match for quick operations.

Xtrfy"GP5 Litus"
Xtrfy "GP5 Litus"
"GP5 Litus"製品ページ

The non-slip rubber base for firm stability and durable edge-stitched finish make it highly durable and can be used for a long time.
GP5 Litus" is machine wash able, so it can always be used in a clean condition. Dry flat at 30℃. No dryer, no ironing.

Xtrfy"GP5 Litus"
Xtrfy "GP5 Litus"
"GP5 Litus"製品ページ

To be released in Japan on July 8!

GP5 Litus" will be released in Japan on July 8, 2022! The price will be 5,104 yen (tax included) for each of the four colors.
At this time, no pre-order information has been announced at official stores, but we expect that pre-orders will start soon, as the release date is less than two weeks away.
The "GP4" series has been in short supply for a long time, and there is a strong possibility that the "GP5 Litus" will be out of stock before the pre-order stage, so be sure to follow the official Xtrfy Japan Twitter (@Xtrfy_Japan ) for pre-order information! Follow Xtrfy Japan official Twitter (@Xtrfy_Japan) for pre-order information!
For more information about the product, please visit the official Xtrfy website!


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99946Xtrfyからクールなローポリデザインが目を引く大判サイズのゲーミングマウスパッド「GP5 Litus」が登場!
A wireless model appeared in Xtrfy's symmetrical meat-cutting mouse "M42"! Japan release decided!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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