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UNO 50th Anniversary! Uno All Wild, a new sensation game with all cards wildcards, will be released in mid-April!

UNO50周年!すべてのカードがワイルドカードな新感覚ゲーム「ウノ オールワイルド」が4月中旬より発売!

Everyone has played the card game " UNO " at least once.
Mattel International, Inc., the Japanese subsidiary of the world's leading toy manufacturer Mattel, Inc. of the United States, announced that "UNO All Wild " from the popular card game UNO series, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021, will go on sale in mid-April.

All the cards are wild!

A wild card in UNO is a card that can be played no matter what card is on the field and can change color.
In "UNO All Wild", in which all cards become wild cards, numbers and colors are irrelevant, so you can enjoy a speedy and thrilling game. In addition, there are 8 special rules that are only available in All Wild, which will change the flow of the game in a flash.

Uno All Wild" Special Rules
Wild Reverse The direction of the turn is reversed.
Wild Skip 2 The next two players are skipped once.
Wild Draw 4 Next person draws 4 cards from the draw pile
Wild Forced Swap Pick an opponent and swap all cards
Wild Draw 4 No card order, discard whatever cards are on the table
Wild Draw 2 Next player draws 2 cards from the draw pile
Wild Skip The next player is skipped once.
Wild Nominated Draw 2 The nominated person draws 2 cards from the draw pile.
Card List

Scheduled to go on sale on April 16th!

ウノ オールワイルド
Uno All Wild

Uno All Wild" has appeared with new rules for the 50th anniversary.
Special rules such as "Nominated Draw 2" and "Forced Swap" will surely bring you a lot of fun!
The MSRP is 1,100 yen including tax, and it will be available for pre-order on Amazon and Rakuten Books, scheduled for April 16, 2022!


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